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January 14, 2014Cutting Through the Crap
June 19, 2013How Rich Could We All Be?
January 28, 2013Health Care Is Not a Public Good
December 28, 2012Cognitive Dissonance
November 7, 2012The Red Pill (And Libertarian Angst)
October 18, 2012U.S. Supreme Court Considers Outlawing Second Hand Sales
August 6, 2012Somebody Had to Say It
July 24, 2012Cartoons and Capitalism
June 27, 2012The Individual Mandate
June 18, 2012"We, the State"
April 23, 2012What Did You Think Was Going on with the Secret Service?
April 14, 2012Trayvon Martin, "Stand Your Ground" Laws, and the Mainstream Media
April 4, 2012The Utah Data Center
March 22, 2012Compulsory Service
March 7, 2012Ignorance Is No Excuse
January 31, 2012An Unconventional Perspective on Intellectual Property
January 11, 2012Commentary for the Tea Party
January 5, 2012The Death of America
December 2, 2011Civil Liberties vs. Economic Liberties
November 11, 2011My Take on the Occupy Movement
November 9, 2011Voting with Your Feet/Boat
October 21, 2011The Higher Education Bubble
October 5, 2011A Letter to the Tea Party
September 21, 2011The Great Deception
September 14, 2011Is Socialism a Noble Idea? 
August 19, 2011The Mainstream Media Bias Against Ron Paul
August 10, 2011A Successful Auto Bailout
July 30, 2011A Letter to Newsmax
July 23, 2011Nullification - Does Precedent Matter?
June 26, 2011The Commerce Clause
June 17, 2011Random Thoughs - The Necessary and Proper Clause
April 22, 2011The Fed Has No Idea About Gold...Or Anything
April 2, 2011Intro to Austrian Economics


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