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Jeff Berwick Announces Candidacy For Upcoming Canadian Election

Wed, 05/13/2015 - 16:10

[The following post is by TDV Chief Editor, Jeff Berwick]

Well, here is something you probably never expected.  After more than half a decade here railing against the evils of government I am, as of today, announcing that I am running for government!

Explain this shit, you might be saying!


In the last five years I have been here at The Dollar Vigilante (TDV) trying to help people with information, advice, analysis and services to help free themselves from government and the ravages of the central banks.

During that time I have also conducted more than 200 interviews on Anarchast with anarcho-capitalists (ancaps) around the world on the topic of how to reduce or remove government completely from our lives.  It has been a learning experience the entire time.  And, what I have learned is that just ignoring the government will not result in it reducing in size or disappearing entirely (unless the great majority of the public decided to ignore the government... which doesn't seem likely to happen soon).  As I believe someone once said, you can ignore politics but politics won't ignore you.

In recent months I have been convinced by a number of anarcho-capitalists that an excellent, and unused way by most libertarians, to affect government, and more importantly to educate the public on liberty, is to get involved in the system itself.

It began in April when I interviewed Judge Andrew Napolitano and he convinced me that Rand Paul was a true libertarian and should be supported. That thought simmered until I interviewed Mr. Libertarian, Walter Block, and the idea came up that all of us anarcho-capitalists should run under the Libertarian Party banner in Canada for the upcoming Canadian federal election.  Soon after that I interviewed Darryl Perry, an ancap running for President of the US in 2016 and he most eloquently stated all the reasons why we should get involved in the political system.  He countered every argument as to why trying to ignore the system isn't helping our cause and why getting involved in the system can have a multitude of benefits.  The most prime example being how Ron Paul ran for President and it created millions of libertarians in a matter of a few years in the US.

At that point I was sold on the idea and very quickly I picked up the Skype to the leader of the Libertarian Party of Canada, Tim Moen, who is also an anarcho-capitalist (and past Anarchast guest), and the deal was sealed.

Tim Moen, who I call the "Ron Paul of Canada", joined me on today's episode of Anarchast to talk about why this is important.

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The history of the Libertarian Party of Canada is an interesting one.  Founded in the 1960s, the founder, Sieg Pedde, is an anarchist, a past Anarchast guest and even attended and spoke at Anarchapulco this year.  And the prior leader of the Libertarian Party was Katrina Chowne, a past Anarchast guest and also an anarcho-capitalist.  In this sense the Libertarian Party of Canada could just as easily be called the Anarcho-Capitalist Party of Canada.

And so, for these reasons, I am happy to announce that I am running as a candidate for Member of Parliament in the Vancouver Centre riding as was announced today by the Libertarian Party of Canada, "The Libertarian Party of Canada Nominates Financial Mogul Jeff Berwick in Vancouver Centre".

I intend to fully shake things up in the Great White North.  My goal will be to bring as much attention as possible to the Libertarian Party in Canada and its platform (which you can see here).  Now, you may say, part of the platform is to reduce taxes to 15% and that number should be 0%.  I agree with you, of course, but I also know that trying to effect any change is going to have to happen in increments... and I support any and all reductions in the size of government.  In the Libertarian Party's platform, every stance is one of reducing government and I support that.

Call me a wild eyed dreamer but I actually think the Libertarian Party of Canada can come out of nowhere and win the upcoming election in October (watch the video above with Tim Moen for all my reasoning on this).  But it is going to take a massive effort from all ancaps and libertarians to get out there and make it happen.

I am therefore publicly calling for the following prominent and well known Canadians to also run for the Libertarian Party in the upcoming election:

Stefan Molyneux of the 50 million+ Youtube views, Freedomain Radio.  Stefan is possibly the most well known anarcho-capitalist celebritarian, a past two-time Anarchast guest and a widely passionate and engaged audience that would knock on doors across Canada stumping for the Libertarian Party if Stefan would get involved.

James Corbett of the 25 million+ Youtube views, Corbett Report.  James is an anarcho-capitalist, former Anarchast guest and speaker at Anarchapulco and has a massive worldwide following that he can use to promote liberty in Canada.

Walter Block, Mr. Libertarian.  Walter is an icon in the libertarian community worldwide and him running for government would create waves throughout the libertarian community and congele a movement.  Plus, he is the one who convinced me that we should all run for election and so he must follow through on this thought.  He has issues with residency (as he lives in the US), as does James Corbett, but I have worked to discover ways to fix the residency issue and I will share with them and any others who care to know.

Wendy McElroy, another icon in the liberty movement.  Wendy is quite possibly the most influential woman in the liberty movement and has been so for decades.  She is a contributor here at TDV, an anarcho-capitalist, a past Anarchast guest and, as with Walter Block, would set off shockwaves in the libertarian community by running.

Dan Dicks of the 6 million+ YT views, Press for Truth.  Dan is, what I call, the Luke Rudkowski of Canada.  Press For Truth is very well known and followed in Canada for its investigative reporting and exposing of governmental crimes.  Dan is also an anarcho-capitalist, past Anarchast guest and speaker at Anarchapulco.

Redmond Weissenberger, founder of the Mises Institute of Canada.  Redmond has been a leader in bringing free market, Austrian economics thinking, to Canada.  He also is the Managing Editor of TDV and one of the earliest Anarchast guests (episode #5)

There are countless others as well.  Including past Canadian Anarchast guests such as Leonard Melman, Chris Horlacher, Jamie Teather, Katrina Chowne, Julia Tourianski, Leah McHenry, Sieg Pedde, Juan Galt, Jayant Bhandari, Richard Heathen and David Howden

You may notice one thing that all of these people have in common.  They are all incredibly smart, knowledgeable, well spoken and many have large audiences.  The chances of any of them being involved in a debate with an opposing statist politician and losing is approximately 0.000%.  It's actually impossible.

Imagine Stefan Molyneux in the mainstream media in Canada talking about libertarianism and destroying his competition in debates.  Imagine all the other libertarian greats from Canada doing the same thing across the country.  Imagine the Libertarian Party going from almost not existing to all of a sudden having a candidate on the ticket in all 300+ ridings across Canada and the media having to cover this new uprising.  Imagine the Libertarian Party getting not only its first candidate elected but dozens, if not hundreds and how the world will take notice.  Imagine watching a live stream from Parliament where Tim Moen, Stefan Molyneux, James Corbett, Walter Block, Wendy McElroy, Dan Dicks, Redmond Weissenberger, myself and countless other philosophically and morally sound promoters of liberty make the statists in Parliament look like buffoons on a regular basis.

Imagine that this creates such a chain reaction that the Libertarian, or Anarcho-Capitalist, Party of Canada wins a landslide election and anarcho-capitalist, Tim Moen is Prime Sinister... but doesn't actually sin by actively reducing the initiation of violence as far as he possibly can under the restraints of the public who will, as this happens, all become libertarian.

What happens then?  I don't know but it can't be bad for humanity!  The worst case scenario is that the Canadian public becomes awakened to the views of libertarianism and, much like Ron Paul effected, creates millions of new libertarians in the process.

For this reason I am going to wade into the raunchy quagmire of the political system and try to slay the beast of government from the inside.  I see no harm in doing so and nothing but good effects can come from it.  And, in the most desirable of circumstances, it changes the world, forever, away from slavery and towards the most peaceful and prosperous world than we have ever known.

I like those odds.  No risk, all reward.

The "reward" part is dependent on you, however.  It is, as always, up to you if you are going to take action to attempt to improve the world.  Inaction has never been shown to improve anything.  And, if you are not going to take action please limit your castigation of those doing and acting to a minimum and stay out of the way of those of us who are going to effect positive change by any means.

If you do wish to play a role here are the key ways in which to do so:

Run for election.  This is obviously for Canadians only, in this context of this upcoming election.  The Libertarian Party of Canada has over 50 candidates already nominated but that leaves 250+ others to be filled.  If you are Canadian and believe in the tenets of freedom then please enter your validity and intention to run for the Libertarian Party of Canada.  It is simple and easy.  You can enter your intention to run on this page in a matter of minutes and help fill out the ballot across Canada which will be sure to garner a massive amount of attention to this libertarian movement rising.  If you are not Canadian then look to coalesce a similar movement in whichever tax farm you are bound to.

Donate.  If I understand the Canadian laws on political party contributions only Canadians can contribute to the Libertarian Party (LP) of Canada.  But, if you are Canadian, understand that the opposition has literally millions of dollars in donations to work with and the Libertarian Party, currently, has almost nothing.  If you'd like to support this cause then you can donate directly to the LP (donate here) it would be greatly appreciated.  Even the leader of the LP, Tim Moen, quit his job to focus on this fulltime and gets almost nothing monetarily in return for his efforts.  Every loonie counts and many of us are pulling our own weight.  In my instance, for example, I do not intend to accept donations for my candidacy (ever hear of a political candidate say that before?) and intend to fund it fully myself.  However, the LP can use any and all funds it can get to further the cause of liberty in Canada.

Support.  If you aren't Canadian, can't run and can't donate you can still help.  Just support in any way you can via likes, shares, subscribes of any libertarian related content that many of us will be putting out in the ensuing months.  Just little things such as "liking" my Facebook page specially set-up for this election (click here to like) can help.

You will be hearing a lot more on this in the coming weeks and months including a planned "Liberty Bus/Train" cross-Canada tour and other events.

I won't stop trying every angle possible to awaken the public to the beauty of liberty and this is just one of numerous ways I am trying to create change.

If you love liberty, ask yourself, "What am I doing to create the kind of world I'd like to live in?"  If the answer comes back blank then look to get involved in any way you can, wherever you are, to spread the message of liberty.  

If you do we all benefit.

What's your take on Jeff's idea and plan?  Comment here.

Jeff Berwick

Is It Illegal To Not Pay Taxes?

Tue, 05/12/2015 - 19:56

[The following post is by TDV Chief Editor, Jeff Berwick]

Human beings have a major cognitive dissonance problem when it comes to taxes.  For some reason they don't see it as an armed extortion racket.  Some even think it is "voluntary"... but as we'll show, it is far from voluntary.

Some people may fail to file taxes for numerous reasons, like personal or business problems, feelings of hopelessness or fear due to the burdensome tax process, anti-theft sentiments, or beliefs that the penalty won’t be worse than the expense and trouble of filing.

The US tax system is officially based on taxpayers willfully paying their obligations. Unofficially, its based on the barrel of a gun, which you will learn about in this article. If you fail to file for a period of time, the US government will, officially, consider a voluntary disclosure when deciding whether or not to, unofficially, murder you, or, if you're "lucky," throw you in a cage. If you comply, the government might even reduce your tax liability if you're toiling in poverty enough as it is.

For whatever reason you don’t file, remember these important things:

  • Knowing failure to file a return can get you thrown in a cage and even more of your money than before extorted.

  • It is not the policy of the IRS to prosecute ordinary people who make simple mistakes, or whose returns were lost in the mail, but it will throw you in a cage if you don’t pay your taxes eventually.

  • If you derive your income from doing things like selling certain plants, the IRS will likely try to throw you in a cage if you don’t pay your taxes.

  • If you cooperate, you are less likely to be prosecuted.

  • The more you dislike having your money stolen by the government, the more likely the IRS is to throw you in cage.

  • In order to throw you in a cage or steal a bunch of money from you for a “tax crime,” the IRS does not have to prove how much you owe.

  • The IRS can extort taxes, interest, and penalties for all of the taxes you have owed over the years, and can throw you in a cage for noncompliance.

  • The IRS has programs in place to find nonfilers, extort money, and throw them in a cage.

Irwin Schiff, Peter Schiff's father, was a prominent figure in the tax protest movement until the government threw him in a cage for not paying income tax. Irwin is serving a 13-plus year sentence for his "tax crimes" (which are simply a refusal to be extorted) in Texas. The government recently postponed his release date from October 2016 to July 2017.  In an abbreviated manner, here are some of Irwin's arguments against taxes from Wikipedia:

  1. that no statutory deficiency in Federal income tax can exist until an assessment has been made;
  2. that no tax assessment can be made unless a tax return has been voluntarily filed;
  3. that the Internal Revenue Service, in enforcing the income tax, seeks to impose a tax not authorized by the taxing clauses of the United States Constitution;
  4. that the United States Tax Court has no jurisdiction over Schiff; and
  5. that the United States Tax Court is not a court.

Another argument used by Irwin Schiff was, that "for tax purposes, 'income' only means corporate 'profit.' Therefore, no individual receives anything that is reportable as 'income,'" also failed to keep him out of jail. 

In New Hampshire, another tax crime, with a dramatic standoff, happened in 2007. 

Edward (born 1942) and Elaine Brown (born 1940), New Hampshire residents, were all over the media when they refused to pay years of backtaxes, leading to an armed (!) standoff with federal agents at their New Hampshire residence. The couple was arrested on October 4, 2007. 

The Browns even invited in the arresting agents, which further proves to me that my comparison of the government with a vampire is spot on. As one of the undercover overseers stated to the press, "Ultimately, this open-door policy that they [the Browns] seemed to have which allowed the Browns to have some supporters bring them supplies, welcome followers and even host a picnic—this proved to be their undoing… They invited us in. We escorted them out."

Edward and Elaine were identified by the FBI as self-identified "sovereign citizens." Edward is scheduled to be released in 2045, and Elaine is scheduled for release in November 2042.  They would be 103 and 102, respectively, upon their release. Depending on how you look at it, they were lucky they didn't die during the standoff.

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The Browns are heroes, but there's no need to be a hero when you can internationalize your affairs in a legal manner so as to avoid such backbreaking taxes as the US demands. With TDV Offshore you can begin doing just that. If you want to learn more, be sure to check out the TDV Newsletter

In the coming months and years politicians will give more lip service to bringing tax evaders to justice.  As the Telegraph writes this week, "tax evasion is the politicians new magic money tree." This, based on banter which took place among candidates during the UK election. This same talk will increasingly litter Australia, Europe and the United States.

Get your tax burden under control, as the wealthiest people on the planet have done, and sleep soundly at night. You don't have to be wealthy to do so, either. 

And, remember, every penny of tax not paid is a service to mankind.  Please do your part.

Thoughts? Join us at TDV Blog...

Jeff Berwick

Anarchast: John Vibes: The Conscious Resistance - Anarchy and Spirituality!

Tue, 05/12/2015 - 15:12

Jeff interviews conscious resistance activist and author John Vibes, topics include: becoming aware while in a state school, Anarchism through economics, defining spirituality, statism is to Anarchy what religion is to spirituality, Ayahuasca vs DMT, synchronicity, the spirituality mindset, real charity is voluntary, hope in the next generation, The Matrix, the big philosophical questions, our presence on earth is bizarre, dog meditation & zen, vegetarianism, awareness rising, Anarchapulco 2016!

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Anarchast: Eric Dubay: The Flat Earth Conspiracy!

Mon, 05/11/2015 - 12:56

Jeff interviews prominent expert on flat earth theory, Eric Dubay, topics include: flat earth theory, mass resistance to paradigm challenging ideas, an educated mind can entertain an idea without accepting it, people just accept what they are brought up with, the horizon proof, gravity does not exist, absolute relativity, circumnavigation, NASA a computer graphics factory, the flat earth society was taken over and now promotes fallacies, freemasons hide knowledge, freemasons run Hollywood, the dictates of simple logic, keeping an open mind.

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The US Leads All Other Countries In Citizen Defection

Mon, 05/11/2015 - 06:34

[The following post is by TDV Editor-in-Chief, Jeff Berwick]

When it comes to extortion, or as they call it, income tax, the places where you want to be a citizen are colored green on the following map.  Those countries have no income tax on individuals.  The next best countries to be a citizen of, but not live in (as per the Permanent Traveller/Prior Taxpayer - PT Theory) are the ones shaded in blue.  Those countries will charge you income tax if you are a citizen of that country AND also residing there... but if you are not residing there they will not charge you income tax.

There are only two countries on the entire planet that have the gall to charge you income tax if you are citizen, no matter where you may happen to live in the world.

Those two countries are shaded in pink.  They are Eritrea and the US.

There is one big difference between being a citizen of Eritrea or a citizen of the US, however.  Eritrea doesn't have a massive Internal Revenue Service (IRS) that can and will track you down anywhere in the world to enforce their tax laws.

So, in that sense, the worst country in the world to be a citizen of, for tax reasons, is the US.

And, for this reason, the US now leads all countries in terms of defections and renunciations of citizenship.


A record 1,335 people were listed as renouncing their US citizenship in the latest quarterly disclosure from the Treasury Department, released on Thursday.  The new figure puts 2015 on pace to exceed the total of  3,415 renunciations in 2014, which was itself a record. That was up 14% from 2,999 individuals in 2013, the previous record.

That makes the US the #1 country in the world in terms of citizens giving up their citizenship.  No other country comes close and certainly not for the same reasons.  The closest is Singapore, which averages about 1,200 renunciations per year.  But, the grand majority of Singapore renunciations are due to its disallowance of dual-citizenship.  So, if a Singaporean citizen wishes to move and become a citizen of another country they have to, by law, renounce their citizenship.

In the US, the grand majority of renunciations aren't because people are forced to renounce by law.  Those who renounce in the US are mostly trying to escape the most brutal extortion (taxation) racket in the world.

And, as the US devolves further into becoming a third world fasco-communist police state people are heading for the exit in droves.

The writing has been on the wall for a while as the US government began to realize that people were trying to escape.

In 1996, trying to stem the flow of people fleeing the country, the US changed its immigration law to include a provision to "name and shame" renunciants.

Then, in 2008, Congress enacted the Heroes Earnings Assistance and Relief Act that imposes a penalty—an "exit tax" or expatriation tax—on certain people who give up their US citizenship or long-term permanent residence.  Effective June 2008, US citizens who renounce their citizenship are subject under certain circumstances to an expatriation tax, which is meant to extract from the expatriate taxes that would have been paid had they remained a citizen.

Since, all manner of legislation has been considered to stop the bleeding.  

In 2012, Congress tried to pass the Ex-PATRIOT Act which was a proposed United States federal law to raise taxes and impose entry bans on certain former citizens and departing permanent residents. The law would automatically classify all people who lost citizenship or permanent residence in the decade prior to the law's passage or any future year as having "tax avoidance intent" if they met certain asset or tax liability thresholds or had failed to file any required federal tax forms within the preceding five years.

People determined to have "tax avoidance intent", referred to in the text of the law as specified expatriates, would be affected in two ways. First, they would have to pay 30% capital gains tax on any US property sold after the law's enactment. Second, they would be barred from re-entry into the US either under immigrant or non-immigrant categories.

Since then, in 2014, the "fee" to renounce US citizenship was raised from $450 to $2,350.

All of these efforts had the intention of slowing the amount of people defecting from the US.  As usual, however, they had the opposite effect as people realized just how desperate the US government was getting in trying to stop people from leaving and the number of people renouncing their US citizenship increased dramatically.


The trajectory is clear.  The US government continues to go into more and more debt... and as they grasp for as much of their own citizens assets as possible they will continue to enact more barriers for those trying to escape.

It used to be that people from communist countries like the Soviet Union would defect to the US to escape their oppressive government.  That's all changed now as more people defect from the US than any other place in the world as the US federal government seems hell-bent on mixing all the worst parts of fascism and socialism/communism into one.

Our recommendation is just to get out of the US while you still can.  That isn't an easy thing to do but it is nowhere near as hard as most people think.

At The Dollar Vigilante (TDV) we have seen this coming for years and have put together an entire resource for those looking to escape the USSA (including ways to internationalize your assets and get foreign citizenship/passports).  And, it isn't just the USSA, either.  Things are getting worse across the Western world and we have no doubt that much of Europe, Canada, Australia and others will soon enact worldwide taxation systems as well.

Subscribe to TDV for the best information and analysis on how to protect your ass and assets as things continue to devolve.  And they will.

Thoughts? Join us at TDV Blog!

Jeff Berwick

Pangea: A Time Before Borders Revisited

Sun, 05/10/2015 - 05:17

270 million years ago, the supercontinent Pangea formed. 70 million years later, it began to break up. The above photo has been circulating around the internet. It's Pangea with the world's artificially constructed borders upon it. Of course, when Pangea existed there were no people, and so there were no borders. If you wanted to drive from, say, DC to Tehran, it might take a few weeks or so.  

Before we get to the week's review, be sure to check out the TDV Newsletter for acute analysis and actionable advice from the world of finance. Jeff Berwick goes into the Shemitah and how it can inform your investment, while Ed Bugos talks about sell signals in the stock market. Luis Fernandez Mises looks at a great vacation spot for HomeGrowners in the US, and Justin O'Connell offers a net-based primer on decentralization.

Blog Of The Week:


Post is by TDV Chief Editor, Jeff Berwick

I am going to make this as short and simple as possible because I know 99% of people are too busy to put much thought into solutions.

However, if you read this, you will have an answer that will rid the world of police brutality forever and it can start tomorrow. In one town, as you'll learn below, it's already started. 


Question: How long has police brutality been around?

Answer: Ever since there was police.

Sure, some places its better and some places it is worse.



May 8, 2015

Post is by TDV Editor-In-Chief, Jeff Berwick

Any movie about the corruption of the US government and the US financial system that is blacklisted in the US is bound to get our attention.

"The Forecaster" is exactly that.  It's a movie about Martin Armstrong's amazingly accurate forecasting system called the Economic Confidence Model and how he was jailed for nearly a decade, in torture type conditions, for not turning over his model to the CIA and Wall Street.

I'll let the trailer mostly speak for the movie itself here:



May 7, 2015

Post is by TDV Senior Analyst, Ed Bugos

Individualism is the ethic that, in the west, laid the foundation for massive industrialized societies to emerge from the economic principle of the division of labor… for the abandonment of slavery… and, ultimately, which raised so many people out of poverty.

Under the ancien regime - before the doctrine of individualism and of individual rights in the natural sense came about - the individual never had rights.  One may have been part of a family or tribe, where maybe the head had rights in some sense as the citizen of a state.



May 6, 2015

Post is by TDV Chief Editor, Jeff Berwick

We have been warning for years that as bankrupt Western countries came closer to being completely insolvent that they would begin instituting capital controls, doing bank bail-ins, taxing cash and outright just stealing cash.

All of these things have come to pass now in one form or another.  Here are four examples of the countless that we could choose from.




May 4, 2015

Post is by TDV Editor-In-Chief, Jeff Berwick

And they say there is no inflation!

When you begin pricing condominiums in the fractions-of-a-billion dollars I think its safe to say there is a lot of inflation!

We're not saying it isn't incredibly nice, but it better be for over nearly half-a-billion dollars!  Yes, this penthouse in Monaco is on offer for $400 million.

A bit out of your price range?  Don't worry, all the other units in the building are in the affordable $100 million range.




May 4, 2015

Jeff interviews Illuminati whistle-blower and consciousness liberator Mark Passio, topics include: satanism in the halls of power, the real tenets of organised satanism, a self serving philosophy, moral relativism, social Darwinism, eugenics, preparation for slavery, propagation of exoteric satanism to an unaware public, an ancient struggle of good vs evil, mind control, the occult, they steer the public mind, psychic self defense, a profound dark influence, Larken Rose's 'The Most Dangerous Superstition', freemasonry, a Fabian-socialist plan of action, child abuse part of elite culture, you can help by getting the word out...

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May 7, 2015

Jeff interviews New Hampshire freedom activist and upcoming presidential candidate Darryl Perry. Topics include: the drug war, cannabis and heroin were freely available until the 1920's, unjust harm by the state, throughout most of human history people have had much more freedom, democracy is minority rule, the withdrawal of consent to be governed, running for office as an anarchist, Ron Paul's main intention was education, what happens when no one votes, should anarchists vote?

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Martin Armstrong's "The Forecaster" Movie Now Available And A Must See

Fri, 05/08/2015 - 06:13

[The following post is by TDV Editor-In-Chief, Jeff Berwick]

Any movie about the corruption of the US government and the US financial system that is blacklisted in the US is bound to get our attention.

"The Forecaster" is exactly that.  It's a movie about Martin Armstrong's amazingly accurate forecasting system called the Economic Confidence Model and how he was jailed for nearly a decade, in torture type conditions, for not turning over his model to the CIA and Wall Street.

I'll let the trailer mostly speak for the movie itself here:

Click here or on thumbnail

The movie has been practically blacklisted in the US but is getting major traction in Europe.

Here is a comment from Martin Armstrong on why they are offering it as a Video On Demand PPV for a limited time right now:

"This very unusual and special showing of the film, which is a VOD screening priced at $49.95 because they cannot compete with the movie theaters, has been implemented mainly because the United States has gone out of its way not to show this film. When I spoke to people from Hollywood, they said it was a fantastic film and the producers should win an Oscar. But they then said, you have to understand, we have self-censorship in LA because they fear the government and the banks. After all, it is the banks who raise money for them to produce films. So yes, you cannot bite the hand that feeds you."

I took the plunge and paid the $49.95 to see it as I had been waiting eagerly for this film to come out and enjoyed it very much.

The story is almost unbelievable in the lengths that the US government and Wall Street would go to try to get this code.  It's really an espionage-type tale of finance, economics, money and the markets.  

It won't be for everybody but if you are a Dollar Vigilante reader it should be right up your alley.

They are only offering it until May 12th and then after that it won't be available again for a period of time.

So, if you'd like to check it out, click here or on the graphic below.

Martin Armstrong's next date for a major market crisis, according to his models (which were designed and predicted this date in the 1980s), is on October 1st of this year.  We've also been predicting a major September/October financial catastrophe.  For this reason we have been following Armstrong's commentaries.

If you are into the markets and a follower of government and financial elite corruption, this movie might be the perfect thing to grab a glass of wine or scotch and a cigar this weekend and watch a movie they don't want being seen in America.

Thoughts on the film? Let us know at TDV Blog.

Jeff Berwick

Anarchast: Darryl Perry: An Anarchist Running For President In 2016 To Abolish Government!

Thu, 05/07/2015 - 12:34

Jeff interviews New Hampshire freedom activist and upcoming presidential candidate Darryl Perry. Topics include: the drug war, cannabis and heroin were freely available until the 1920's, unjust harm by the state, throughout most of human history people have had much more freedom, democracy is minority rule, the withdrawal of consent to be governed, running for office as an anarchist, Ron Paul's main intention was education, what happens when no one votes, should anarchists vote? By getting involved Anarchists can increase the breadth of the discussion, the prohibition party, Baltimore, secession, addiction is a health problem not a criminal one, CIA involvement in drugs, prescription drugs, making independence an option, get our ideas out there, work together, Liberty is rising!

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Shaking The Shackles Of Collectivism: The Birth of Modernity

Thu, 05/07/2015 - 06:09

[The following post is by TDV Senior Analyst, Ed Bugos]

Individualism is the ethic that, in the west, laid the foundation for massive industrialized societies to emerge from the economic principle of the division of labor… for the abandonment of slavery… and, ultimately, which raised so many people out of poverty.

Under the ancien regime - before the doctrine of individualism and of individual rights in the natural sense came about - the individual never had rights.  One may have been part of a family or tribe, where maybe the head had rights in some sense as the citizen of a state.

But the life of an individual was not all that in this state of affairs.

You were expendable.  You didn’t own yourself.  Your patriarch decided your fate.  Maybe you were sold into slavery or some type of service as tribute for the king.  You likely didn’t have a say.  Inherently you accepted your fate because you accepted the doctrine of collectivism.

Collectivism was the ethic of the ancien regime - of the pre industrial and pre modern eras.

It is the ethic that spawned communism, fascism, nazism, socialism, and statism of all kinds: from minarchy to totalitarianism... that has killed hundreds of millions of people in its name… that kept mankind in the dark ages and led it into slavery.  And it always finds its power in the argument that the whole (or the group or collective) is more important than the individual.

The doctrine of individual rights was the product of the enlightenment, which in turn was the product of the free exchange of thoughts and ideas spurred on by Gutenberg’s invention in the age of reason.  It was this doctrine that ultimately ended slavery world wide, not Lincoln.

It was the doctrine of the individual’s right of self-ownership that allowed former peasants and slaves to experience freedom for the first time, allowing individuals to live like the kings did.

The author of a new book demonstrates precisely this.

In “Inventing the Individual: The Origins Of Western Liberalism”,  Larry Siedentop argues individualism is what’s new about the modern age, and what has allowed for the enormous prosperity that has raised millions out of poverty and has freed many of them from the benefactors of the collectivist system.  The author notes, about his experience in societies where the individual still has relatively few rights in the current day, that it is a western idea,

“Classical liberal individualism does not exist in the modern world outside of the US and Europe, and it is dying here. The collectivist cultures of the rest of the world differ little from those of ancient Greece and Rome.”

Or as Ed Griffin, filmmaker, historian, and author of “The Creature of Jekyll Island” (a book on the origin of the Federal Reserve system as a captured or crony institution), explained at the Fatima Conference in Ontario in 2013, collectivism was one of six dominant themes that were present in his research of “bad” governments, and which continues to permeate the U.N.

But, in particular, what he would point out about this doctrine is that the “group" is an abstraction.  What he found, historically, was that wherever the idea was accepted that the individual was expendable or that he or she had to be sacrificed for the good of the many, there always had to be someone who got to dictate the parameters for deciding it all.

This person or small group of people are the benefactors that speak on behalf of the group!

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Even in supposed democratic situations there is always a small group of people who would arrogate to themselves the task of speaking for the “group.”  That’s what politics is about.

Of course, Murray Rothbard’s rule of oligarchy asserts that all states are ultimately controlled by a small group of people or else they would collapse - for example under mob rule eventually the mob would outgrow the productive classes and the social order would collapse.

But this is something we all know, except for perhaps most people in the west today.

The west now can’t seem to get rid of is the collectivist ethic, a remnant of the ancien regime.

That’s because it is in the interests of people after power (the predator class) to promote it.

People are hardwired to buy the propaganda because it is where they come from.

The legitimacy of the doctrine is the source of many abuses - still existing in many parts of the uncivilized world, as Siedentop discovered in his travels.  As Mr. Griffin said in his lecture, the individual is the cornerstone of a modern and free society, not the group.  The group is never more important than the individual because the group does not exist.  Only individuals exist.

The group is an abstract concept with an attached meaning.  It can be perceived only once it has been intellectualized and defined.  I can’t see the forest for the trees because the forest does not exist.  I can see it once I understand it as a bunch of individual trees but it does not and cannot exist independent from the individual trees.  The forest or family is an abstraction.

And who would really choose to die for an abstraction??  What a con collectivism is.

If you look at a crowd of individuals and some of them have red shirts what would that mean?

If I told you it meant they were “the state” and explained that this gave them extra powers you would then perceive a group - but it is an abstraction that requires definition and meaning.

You should then ask why they get to have those extra powers?

It is easier to justify them if you can destroy the doctrine of individual rights.

But this doctrine simply holds that no one other than you is best suited to own you.

Who could argue that?

There are four kinds of ownership I can think of:

  1. Collective - We all own you

  2. Nobody owns you including yourself

  3. Someone else (or a group) owns you

  4. You own you

Here’s why only #4 can count as the foundation for peaceful society,

1. Collective ownership of anything is functionally impossible when the members of society become too large - it may be workable in small tribal settings, which is why the syndicalists cling to it, but in a large society the catallactics make it impossible to exercise rule collectively.

2. Abolishing all modes of ownership would also be impossible primarily because property is natural and inherent, and it would create chaos -since property is also a mode of conflict resolution when it comes to dealing with scarce goods and resources.

3. I can’t think of a sound moral argument that can justify slavery.

That leaves only #4.

Self-ownership seems logical and inherent.

Who else is better suited to owning you - to knowing your needs and making decisions that affect yourself?

It seems only obvious, moreover, that any discussion of justice and ethics has to be rooted in the principle of self ownership.  If you abandon that then you abandon everything that has advanced western civilization over the course of the last 200 years.  Not only would you abandon industrialization and elements that come along with it (like consumerism), which you may not like, but you would take the world backwards to the era of slavery.  That’s where collectivism goes.  You just have to discount the value of individuals and private property.

Whenever you hear the idea that the whole is worth more than one individual - run.  There is no whole.  There is just one individual with the power to decide which ones are expendable.

He gets this power because of the legitimacy of the doctrine that he promotes as just: that the needs of the collective outweigh the needs and value of the individual.

[Editor’s Note: Ed Bugos is TDV’s Senior Analyst and writes in the TDV Newsletter here]

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  Ed Bugos

The War On Cash: Governments Grabbing or Taxing Cash At Will Now

Wed, 05/06/2015 - 05:23

[The following post is by TDV Chief Editor, Jeff Berwick]

We have been warning for years that as bankrupt Western countries came closer to being completely insolvent that they would begin instituting capital controls, doing bank bail-ins, taxing cash and outright just stealing cash.

All of these things have come to pass now in one form or another.  Here are four examples of the countless that we could choose from.


The first is a heartbreaking story of a man who spent more than a decade running L&M Convenience Mart, a gas station, restaurant, and convenience store in rural Fairmont, North Carolina. Then, one year ago, without any warning, agents from the IRS seized his entire bank account, which was his entire life savings, totaling more than $107,000.

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The reason?  They said he had been depositing money in small amounts (as a convenience store just might do) under the amount that would trigger a reporting requirement for the last decade.

That's all they needed.  No charges, no arrest.  They just deemed that he had been depositing small amounts of money into the bank for years and that was reason enough to impoverish him.  What is a "big amount", by the way?  It is anything over $2,000.  The Bank Secrecy Act (BS), which, like all cute regulatory names, requires banks to do the exact opposite of "secrecy" and to betray their customers’ financial secrets to the US government, mandates that anything over $2,000 is "suspicious" and must be reported.

And if you deposit anything under $2,000 regularly?  That is suspicious too, as that man found out.

The US government has stolen billions from Americans in just this way. 


France instituted some staggering capital controls.  

  • The limit on cash payments have been reduced from 3,000 euros to 1,000 euros.
  • Tourists can pay no more than 10,000 euros in cash.  Heretofore it had been 5,000 euros.
  • If a Frenchman wants to change money into another currency, they can only change 1,000 euros without presenting ID, whereas before it was 8,000.
  • If a bank customer takes out more than 10,000 euros in a month from his account, the bank must report the transaction to the Money Laundering Authority TRACFIN.
  • Banks must report all cargo transfers in the EU exceeding 10,000 euros. This regulation checks, pre-paid cards and even gold are affected.
  • The control of crypto-currencies like Bitcoin will be drastically tightened.


Australia decided just to jump right into the deep end of the pool and tax all money in bank accounts! According to the 2015 Australian budget Australians must pay taxes on their savings. This will be quickly brought to Europe and North America if it does not meet resistance in Australia.


Greece, on the verge of a complete collapse for about the tenth time in the last seven years, thought they'd try a different approach from the rest.

They are trying to institute a tax when you take money out of an ATM. While they need the tax revenue, they mostly also don't want people taking money out of the bank at all. 


If you can't see the big picture here then you may be watching too much CNBC or CNN for your own good. Western countries, around the world, are seizing, freezing, restricting or taxing cash.

To keep a sizeable amount of cash in a bank account in any of the above named countries is tantamount to leaving your porkchops in the doghouse... know that when you come back for it, it won't be there.

If that poor man in North Carolina had paid any attention whatsoever he would have moved a sizeable amount of his life savings outside of the US.  If he had, the IRS would have no way to seize it and he'd still have his life savings.

Unfortunately, most don't pay attention but if you are reading this right now it means you are.

Here is the good news.  It is incredibly easy, still (not for long we are sure), to open an offshore bank account in a tax-free jurisdiction, outside of the ability of seizure by your own government and in a country in no danger of going bankrupt and in banks much, much more well capitalized than banks in the US, Europe and Australia.

It's all completely legal still (not for long we are sure) too.  And it can all be done from the comfort of your own home.

Why millions aren't running to do it I don't know.  But by the time millions realize what is happening it will be too late.  The doors will be shut.

Luckily, you are one-step ahead of them right now.  TDV Offshore ( offers free consulting on your needs and what is right for you and can help you through the entire process.

Don't say we didn't warn you.

Thoughts? Let us know at TDV Blog...

Jeff Berwick

Disclaimer: You, and only you, are responsible for your actions.

Do your research well.


Copyleft: Feel free to redistribute as you please. Give credit where credit is due.

You can't own someone else's thoughts.




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