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Even The US Government Will Abandon The Dollar

Wed, 04/16/2014 - 06:46

[Editor's Note: The following post is by TDV Editor-in-Chief, Jeff Berwick]

For millions it is already too late.

They won't realize the geopolitical winds which are now blowing.  Off in their own lala land, the average American will be focused on sports, celebrities, what the right amount of stealing (taxes) in society is, gay rights, which foreign countries "we" should bomb next, the first woman president, and so on and so forth, while their livelihoods are sacrificed in the name of the US government.

They will wake up one morning, and their prospects will be gloomier than they are now. Don't think such a thing happens? This exact thing just happened in the Ukraine. Devastation. People wake up one morning and all the sudden everything they had worked so hard for is gone. "Oh, but that's Ukraine!" you might say. "Not here in the US."

Well, when you realize that a lot of the policies now being instituted in Ukraine were supported by the US government and the International Monetary Fund, which is largely funded by the US government, then maybe, just maybe you will start to see things differently. If not, I understand. Public schools are not kind institutions to reason. If that's not reason enough just consider the growing police state.

Jim Rogers recently discussed with Yahoo! Finance how all western governments are bankrupt, which we cover regularly, stating "There is no sound currency anymore...There's no paper money in 2014 and 2015 that's going to be worth much of anything."

Bloomberg recently reported that the US dollar reached a two-year low, it's weakest level since November 2011. Furthermore, the US dollar has lost 38.5% of its value since 2002.  Rogers predicted the US will soon abandon the dollar for another currency! 

"For the first time in recorded history we have all major banks and central governments around the world printing huge amounts of money," Rogers said. "This has never happened in world history and so the world is floating on an artificial ocean... of lots and lots of printed money," said Rogers.

"The debt is going higher and higher. The money printing is going higher and higher.  We've had 50 or 60 years of success in America," he said. "You've got to pay the price someday whether you like it or not. The longer you delay the day of reckoning, the worse the day of reckoning is going to be.  This is not going to be fun."


"Abolish the Federal Reserve," Rogers stated. "The world has gotten along quite famously and well without central banks for most of world history."

"America has had three central banks in our history, the first two disappeared," he said. "This one's going to disappear too because they keep taking on huge amounts of debt... they keep leveraging up the balance sheet... they keep making mistake after mistake... they're printing money, it's going to self-destruct before it's over...We'd be better off with no central bank than this central bank."


It's no wonder why the IRS, Social Security and Treasury are going after hardworking ordinary Americans. The government is flat out broke! They must simply get their hands on as much cash as possible, as quickly as possible, to delay the inevitable - US dollar abandonment and inevitable collapse.

We reported last week how the Bureau of Land Management invaded Nevada in order to ready the land to be passed onto the Chinese. As you see, the US government is in so much debt, it is selling off parcels of land to creditors. But before it does that, it will have to go to war with the American people... Many government officials have confirmed the standoff there is not over and Ron Paul has warned against a WACO style siege.

Then, just yesterday, we reported how Social Security and Treasury are stealing tax refunds to satisfy decade old debts...oftentimes parents' debts. (it turns out this recently was ceased until further investigation, a testament to how getting the word out can change things for the better)

The feds are so desperate they are pondering taxing employee perks like free food at lavish cafeterias, laundry and even yoga.

We here at The Dollar Vigilante know this information can be overwhelming. The sad thing is, we are not being hyperbolic. We cannot underscore in a daily blog the severity of the situation in which we find ourselves.


Something big is going on behind the scenes. Bankers are committing suicide or being murdered, and the finance minister of Canada just died. We are turning a corner and all of the debts and money printing is going to have a massive effect possibly as soon as this year, as Jim Rogers notes.  Precious metals have been in a consolidation period for years now, and TDV anticipated this and told our premium readers to go long cash, but now I personally am turning hyperbullish on precious metals, precious metals stocks and aggressive on shorting the overall stock market and I will write more about this in the April issue of TDV.  (For more information on our subscriber area,  click here.) 

Capital controls have been ratcheted up across the entire world. We've been covering the slow progression here, and with Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act coming into full effect July 1st, 2014, we believe we are in the final months when Americans can easily get their money outside of the US. If you have assets in the US, you're on the precipice of being too late! You should be running, not walking, to the lifeboats. Remember, even the US government will be forced to abandon the dollar.  

At the TDV Wealth Management Crisis Conference the experts at TDV Wealth Management will set you on the right footing to survive The End Of The Monetary System As We Know It. (TEOTMSAWKI)  If you are unsure if the conference meets your needs feel free to email or call us for a free consultation on your affairs. You can email us at or call +1-646-568-5518 Ext. 516.

Jeff Berwick

Social Security, Treasury Stealing Every Last Penny From Americans

Tue, 04/15/2014 - 08:23

[Editor's Note: The following post is by TDV Editor-in-Chief, Jeff Berwick]

All of a sudden the government lays claims to your savings. They can't prove you owe them a dime, but you're deprived due process. The legal bills become overwhelming, and so you let your money be stolen. You simply have no choice.

Sound outlandish? It's not. Not in the "Land of the Free" at least. 

For example, the US government began intercepting Mary Grice's tax refunds without any warning this tax season. Grice was unaware of the situation until she got a letter stating that her refund had gone to satisfy old debt to the government. Very old debt...In fact, debt she didn't even know about.

That debt stems back to 1960, when Grice was 4, around the time her father died, leaving her mother with five children to raise. Until the kids turned 18, her mother Sadie Grice got survivor benefits from Social Security to help feed and clothe them. But, according to Social Security, something went awry. 

Social Security now claims it overpaid someone in the Grice family – though it is not sure whom - in 1977. After 37 years of silence, four years after Sadie Grice died, the government is coming after the daughter. She is not the only one. 

Hundreds of thousands of taxpayers will receive letters like the one Grice got. Because of some unknown debt they never even knew about, that might not have anything to do with them, the government is confiscating their money. They won't have their day in court, in most cases, because they don't have the money to fight.

Already in 2014, the US Treasury Department has "intercepted" $1.9 billion in tax refunds, $75 million of which has been delinquent for more than ten years. The effort to collect old debts was ratcheted up in the last three years, the result of a sentence tucked into the farm bill lifting the 10-year statute of limitations on old debts to Uncle Sam. Social Security, the Treasury Department and Congress have all denied seeking the change. Why now?

“We have an obligation to current and future Social Security beneficiaries to attempt to recoup money that people received when it was not due," says Social Security spokeswoman Dorothy Clark.

Since the effort to collect old debts began in 2011, the Treasury Department has collected $424 million in debts that were over 10 years old. The Social Security Administration has found 400,000 taxpayers who collectively owe $714 million on debts over 10 years old. The agency expects to have begun proceedings against all of those people by the summer.

“It was a shock,” said Grice, 58. “What incenses me is the way they went about this. They gave me no notice, they can’t prove that I received any overpayment, and they use intimidation tactics, threatening to report this to the credit bureaus.”

Grice filed a suit against the Social Security Administration alleging they violated her right to due process by holding her responsible for the $2,996 debt supposedly incurred under her father's Social Security number. On its website, The Federal Trade Commission states “family members typically are not obligated to pay the debts of a deceased relative from their own assets.”

But Social Security sees it differently. If a child indirectly receives funds from public money paid to the parent, the children's money is fair game.

“The craziest part of this whole thing is the way the government seizes a child’s money to satisfy a debt that child never even knew about,” says Robert Vogel, Grice’s attorney. “They’ll say that somebody got paid for that child’s benefit, but the child had no control over the money and there’s no way to know if the parent ever used the money for the benefit of that kid...Can the government really bring back to life a case that was long dead? Can it really be right to seize a child’s money to satisfy a parent’s debt?”

Although Grice has a lawyer, most taxpayers whose refunds have been taken say they are unable to contest the confiscations because of the cost.

The Treasury initially held the full amount of Grice’s federal and state refunds, a total of $4,462. Last week, after The Washington Post inquired about Grice’s case, and then the government returned the part of her refund above the $2,996 owed on her father’s account.

But unless the feds can prove that she ever received any of the overpayment, Grice wants all of her money back.

“Look, I love a good fight, especially for principle,” she said. “My mom used to say, ‘This country is carried on the backs of the little people,’ and now I see what she meant. This is really sad.”

Does one need more evidence that the federal government is bankrupt? It's grasping at every last penny it can get by inserting legislation deep inside bills that the House of Representatives doesn't even read. One sentence is all that is needed for your savings to be confiscated. But don't worry, it is all to pay down a trifling US government debt:

Of the hundreds of thousands who have claims by the Treasury or Social(ist) (In)Security against them only 10% win their cases and are absolved of forking over money. There is nothing you can do about bureaucracy once bureaucracy decides to come after you. In the future there will only be more of the same as government agencies seize funds, including the nationalization of IRAs and pensions.

The best way to protect yourself is to get your funds and assets outside of the US preferably not even in your personal name. That is where The TDV Wealth Management Conference comes in.  Only here will you learn the ins-and-outs of the new American system, and the options available to you, as an American, at the end of empire. Don't miss out. 

Click here to join the discussion at The Dollar Vigilante.

Jeff Berwick

Spanish-Style Riots Coming to a Country Near You

Mon, 04/14/2014 - 14:38

[Editor’s Note: The following post is by TDV Groups manager, James Guzman]

Screams and sirens pierce the air as rocks, firecrackers, and sharp glass go flying in every direction. Police try to beat back the hordes of protesters by smashing indiscriminately into the crowd with their billy clubs.

This was the scene recently in Madrid, Spain, as tens of thousands of people took to the streets to fight against the budget cuts and tax increases put into place by Mariano Rajoy, the current Prime Minister of Spain. The protesters chanted “no more cuts” as they demolished storefronts and threw firecrackers at police.

The march was organized by the group Marcha de la Dignidad (M-22) which also had the support of the labor unions. You can read the demands of this organization on its own website. They consist of:

- A law establishing a basic income for every citizen

- Universal, free and high quality public services for all

- Making eviction illegal and establishing water and energy as a human right

- Nationalization of all banks along with all “strategic” sectors

As you can see from these demands, the M-22, along with their labor union allies, are outright communists. They block public venues to voice their impossible demands. Once the demands are not met, violence and destruction of private property ensue. The results are realized the next day when those that live in or are visiting the historic city wake up to the formerly beautiful streets being littered with piles of trash and graffiti, others who are not so lucky wake up in a jail cell or hospital gurney.

Some of the protesters complaints are well-taken. They point out that the Euro was forced upon them without their consent, which has now resulted in their country’s loss of economic competitiveness. The Euro has indeed caused disruptions that have been thoroughly analyzed in books such as The Tragedy of the Euro by economist Philip Bagus.

He shows how the Spanish have been able to borrow at the same rate as the more thrifty cultures such as Germany. This has created a free-for-all, where countries with less overall saved capital are incentivized to take advantage of the low interest rate provided by the saved capital of individuals in the core. This has created a spending binge in peripheral countries that is now coming to a head.

The answer to this problem given by the M-22 crowd is that the debt is not legitimate and should be defaulted on. They claim that the debt is being forced upon them and that they should not have to suffer for the government’s mismanagement of the economy. I find this argument to be sound overall. From an ethical standpoint, individuals should not be born into the world with a giant albatross of debt piled up by past generations.

These arguments become disingenuous, however, if you are then out of the other side of your mouth demanding higher government spending for public services. These protesters are not adverse to government debt; in fact, the foundation of their entire platform is government debt. They have been the ones screaming for higher government spending, which has now put the government in this precarious position. Now the bills have come due, and they are accusing the ones who’s saving they have squandered of predatory lending.

This leads to the false communist/fascist dichotomy, which the world has been plagued with for the last century. As a private business owner, you have no choice but to hope that the police will protect you from the mass of lunatics who have no respect for property rights or the operation of your business. Many pray for a strong man to come in and bring back order with an iron fist. They reminisce of the 1960s and the dictatorial rule of Franco, when Spain had one of the lowest unemployment rates in the world.

Although this is a temping trap to fall into, it is only one of many choices that there are. In fact, both sides of this struggle are collectivist in nature and based on one group forcing their opinion on the other. They are both culpable for the current mess that the country is in, and it is dangerous for citizens to feel obliged to pledge allegiance to either side.

The current turmoil is much like what was predicted in Atlas Shrugged. The world’s economy in shambles, as the citizenry clamor for more and more control by the government. The difference is that in reality there is no Galt’s Gulch to escape to, as each economy comes apart at the seams.

The global economy is now so intertwined that disruptions in one part of the world inevitably affect us all. What many people think of as “sustainable” or “living off the grid” is in fact just a justification for lowering your standard of living. Our current luxurious way of life is impossible without free international trade.

While many in the United States see this as a far off country without much in common with themselves, I would beg to differ. Union power is growing in the United States, and their demands are getting more and more ludicrous. We have recently seen the union backed “fight for 15″ rallies harassing fast food chains and other major US employers, and the United States has not yet seen the budget cuts that other countries have been forced to endure, but they will.

What will happen on the inevitable day that the government is forced to announce cuts to Social Security or food stamps?

What will the people do as medical costs continue to spiral out of control and the Affordable Care Act turns out not to provide the cornucopia of medical services they were promised?

If you really want to know the answer to that question, take a look at the riots in Spain.

[Editor's Note: TDV will be hosting The TDV Wealth Management Crisis Conference in Cabo San Lucas later this month. Click here to find out more.]

James Guzman is the manger of TDV Groups and a real estate agent with Coldwell Banker, Smart based out of San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato. He specializes in helping international clients buy and sell property in all of Mexico. Have any questions, feel free to post in this forum. 

TDV Week in Review: April 13th, 2014

Sun, 04/13/2014 - 14:16

The winds of independence are blowing throughout the world, and nothing could be better for our future. This host of secession movements is sweeping over the world, from Crimea to Venice to the US and has major implications for the future of life on earth.


One common thread between governments is wanton printing by central banks. Part of the reason why the US has done so well since the 2008 banking nadir has everything to do with the fact other central banks are printing just as much or more of their own currencies. What does this mean? It means that these countries’ currencies are growing weaker in relation to assets like real estate, precious metals, minerals and other commodities and resources. But, since the price of these resources and commodities are tied to paper “ETF” products, their prices are fundamentally distorted anyway.

Well, effectively, the US is printing as much money as emerging economies with a currency that has worldwide circulation and can be rejected from more corners of the world than any other. So, that in many ways is the US’s biggest strength and biggest weakness, all at the same time.

And so it makes sense why people would be uneasy about such political alliances. People see money leaving their regions to fund debt of institutions headquartered often times thousands of miles away.

The secessions have arrived even in the US, as sales of bumper stickers reading “Secede” – one for $2, or three for $5 – have increased at In East Texas, a Republican official sent out an e-mail newsletter saying it was time for Texas and Vermont to each “go her own way in peace” and sign a free-trade agreement among the states. New Hampshire has its own independence movement. California and Oregon do, also, in the form Jefferson State.

A petition calling for secession filed by a Texas man on a White House website has received tens of thousands of signatures. The Obama administration will be tasked with issuing a response. Larry Scott Kilgore plans to run for governor of Texas in 2014, with a main goal of his campaign to secede.

Basically, central governments are fragile. Why? Because they owe the debts. Central governments are the main components of taking on more debt, which benefits banks.

The bright side in all this is that secession is now sweeping Europe due to EU problems and sovereign debt crises, just like the US is experiencing. This means the possibility, albeit one that is far off, of the restoration of formerly independent countries with their own unique cultural and ethnic heritage.

Not only Crimea, but also Venice has looked to being independent of Italy, just as Catalonia has attempted to be independent of Spain. Bavaria has sought similar, and remember the German State was only established in the early 1870s. So, Ukraine, Germany, Greece, Italy, Ireland, Spain and Portugal, if they left the European Union, would have to establish their own national currencies and grow their economies.

Scotland has also cut ties with England, and a current split of Belgium into Flemish and Walloon entities only contribute to independence moving through the west. The US and Canada have also had their own flavor thereof.

It would be smart for any region looking for independence begin hedging the currency crisis that would occur in that society – namely, the lack of a widely accepted currency from the start. That is where, potentially, tangible assets like gold and silver could come into play. Nation-states like China have already moved in this direction, setting precedent.

Don't wait for your region to secede. To learn how individuals can secede, click here.

Before the review, lets look at what was in this week's TDV Dispatch. First up in my “Memory Hole”, I looked at Sen. Diane Feinstein and the NSA. Next, Jeff Berwick had a look back and ahead for TDV, and Ed Bugos had a look at the markets, as he does every week. Then, Jeff took us around the world of the absurd in his weekly “Other News from TEOTMSAWKI and TDV Related Tidbits”. Then we had a TDV interview with expat Charlie Bluehawk, and a look at Czech passports with Chris Martin. Then, a new feature in the newsletter: We’ll be showcasing updates from our Get Your Gold Out of Dodge publication, available in your subscriber’s area. Finally, we profiled Robert Nozick.

If you’re interested in receiving articles beyond what you read here everyday, consider our weekly subscriber-only publications, like our Issue, Dispatches, and Homegrown. You may subscribe here.

On to the review…

Monday April 7


Mark E. Jeftovic on the illusion of Internet ownership.

“The soft underbelly of everything you do online are your domain names and DNS. (Briefly, your domain names are the labels people use to reach your website or send you email: i.e DNS is the mechanism computers use to map where these various connections are to take place).

Before anything can happen on the internet, at least one successful DNS lookup has to occur, and no matter how much money you spend on things like firewalls, offshore data centres, redundant network connections, penetration testing, high availability switches and routers; if your DNS stops resolving or your domain name gets yanked, none of that matters because you will simply disappear from the internet.”

continue reading…

Tuesday April 8


Jeff Berwick on getting your gold out of dodge... now!

“If you realize that what is forthcoming will be a complete political, monetary and financial reset... as the evidence seems to indicate... and move your wealth completely into precious metals as would normally work... you could still lose everything.  The key word in the last sentence was "political".  If you, for example, are an American with all of your assets inside the US and you make the highly rational and logical decision to move into history's safe havens, gold and silver, you could still end up with nothing.”

continue reading…

Wednesday April 9


Jeff Berwick with information on more restrictions on your liberty.

“The US government is using the Malaysian Airlines flight 370 to tackle the ‘widespread lack of passport screening in all countries.’ The US is stepping up their processes. Already each passport of incoming visitors to the US is screened through multiple databases. After flight 370 disappeared, the US has started this process for all outgoing passengers.  making the rest of us suffer with your hideous disabilities and whining ever since.”

continue reading…

Thursday April 10


Wendy McElroy with more on indoctrination camps (schools).

“A new furor has erupted over Common Core – an aggressive educational agenda in America that seeks to make state standards conform to a common federal one. A mother in Arkansas sparked it. Her daughter's 6th-grade homework required her to ‘prune two and add two amendments to the Bill of Rights.’ The document was called ‘outdated’ and so “may not remain in its current form any longer.”

continue reading…

Friday April 11


Jeff Berwick on the militarization of the USSA.

“It has been one of the major untold stories of the Barack Obama presidency.

The US federal government has militarized more than 70 agencies, from the post office to park rangers. Even the Social Security office and the International Revenue Service are a part of the shocking trend which should raise red flags for all Americans or anyone living in the US.”

continue reading…

Saturday April 12


Jeff Berwick checks in with his weekly address to TDVers.

continue reading…


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Managing Editor

The Weekend Vigilante April 12, 2014

Sat, 04/12/2014 - 05:18

Hello from Toronto Bay,

Not quite as warm, beautiful, safe or free as Acapulco Bay but it is what it is.

I flew direct from Acapulco to the Bush crime family international airport in Houston and then had to go through the whole ridiculous process of going through customs and immigration and then through the full security theater of taking off my shoes, belt and emptying everything into a tray and faking an injury to avoid being xrayed and patted down just to get on a connecting flight to Kanada.

The lines, as per normal, were ludicrous.  It took me a total of two hours to get through having my passport checked, then waiting in line for 30 minutes to have my bags checked and then another 30 minutes in line getting security checked again... all to end up back in the same airport taking my connecting flight.

I nearly missed my connection and all I could hear around me in all these lines was how everyone thought they were going to miss their connection.

It's amazing how private enterprise can take you 1,000 miles in two hours while the government will take you a few hundred feet in two hours just to have you right back where you started.

The plane, on the dreaded United Airlines and their third world aircraft and old, angry flight attendants was late for this reason.

The captain said, as though he has said it many times before, "Uh, ladies and gentleman, we are going to be delayed as quite a number of our connecting passengers have been delayed in customs and security."

We waited about half an hour as a few straggly and stressed out people came on the plane looking like they had just gone through a horrible ordeal and ran for their lives to make the plane.

Then the captain came on again after another 15 minutes and said, "I am sorry about the delay but we are now going to close the door so no new passengers can board.  But, because quite a few still haven't made it through customs we are now going to have to take off their baggage as per federal regulations."

Another thirty minutes passed as they looked for their bags.  

One passenger from Mexico said to me, "I am sure most of those people have made it here by now... but now we are delayed while they take off their bags anyway."

I nodded back and said, "It's the risks of flying through a third world police state."

She nodded back.

Finally we took off and I arrived to the Toronto airport to yet again go through customs and immigration and have my bag checked.  All told, 6 hours of flying and 4 hours of government bureaucracy and impositions.

In both cases, in the USSA and Kanada, I did make it through the immigration passport check fairly quickly after I finally got my chance to be inspected.  I have learned now how to get through fairly quickly.  I now make a habit of dressing in business attire and actually forcing a smile and being nice with them.

In the old days I'd just wear whatever was comfortable and couldn't bring myself to be nice to them at all... which 9 out of 10 times meant I was sent to the "back room".  I am getting too old and tired for that anymore and I now submit somewhat.

I also had another reason for dressing nicely on the flight, however.  A TDV subscriber who has started an amazing new company, Me Creo, that can do 3-D figurines of people using about 60 cameras at once and a 3-D printer was waiting for me at the airport to pick me up and take me straight to their warehouse office to show me the process and do a 3-D figurine (which they call a 3-D selfie) of me.

It's a typical cool entreprenurial set-up, a bunch of guys still working there at 1am when I finally arrived.  The idea has tremendous opportunities.  You may wish to call them to franchise it in your area.  Imagine, taking a photo in a studio in a matter of seconds that can create a 3-D figuring as tall as nearly two feet tall that is completely realistic and lifelike and having it created within a day or so.  Wedding cakes?  Special moments?  Mother with newborn baby?  The applications are endless.

I stood in the middle of an array of 60 cameras and they took one photo and the next day they provided me with this:

And from another angle:

Quite nice, as well, was that Ed, one of the partners in the venture who picked me up at the airport told me that his being a TDV subscriber for the last three years inspired him to start-up this venture.

By 1:30am we were done and I wasn't sleepy as I had slept on the plane since United Airlines had absolutely no entertainment units, power plugs or Wifi on my two flights so I asked, "What's still open for a drink?"

We looked out into the cold, windswept darkness with not a car on the road... "1:30 in the morning?" they shrugged.

I know Kanada well and knew that the chances of finding anything interesting or even open was pretty much not a possibility.  So, I asked, "There are casinos with poker here, right?", thinking maybe I'd go play a few hands and wind down from a long day of work and travel.

They said there were two, but they are both about two hours away from Toronto.

I slumped.

"There is one, at the Woodbine, but they only have electronic poker," Ed told me.

"Well, drop me off there," I said, sadly.

Upon arrival I was informed of a multitude of rules to just enter.  First I had to fill out numerous forms and provide ID just to get a player's card.  The whole process took 15 minutes and I felt like I was applying for a bank account.

Once done I said, "Ok, now I can play poker?"

The man said, "Oh, no, now you have to go to the cashier."

So I went to the cashier and had to fill out numerous other forms including a part that asked me what I do for a living.

I said to the Asian lady working there, after another ten minutes of forms, "Do you know what you need to do to play poker in most parts of the world?"

She looked at me blankly and said no.

"Sit down at a table with some money," I replied.

"I don't make the rules," she said... and I responded that I didn't take it badly of her personally but couldn't believe it had been nearly 30 minutes now and I still hadn't even played a hand.

She asked me again, "What do you do for a living?"

I laughed.  "I don't know... put 'businessman'".

She looked confused and called her manager out.

"What do you do for a living sir?" he asked sternly.

I looked at him like he was insane and said, "I don't understand why you care what I do for a living just to play some poker."

He gave me the same answer, "I don't make the rules but we have to know," he said.

I sat for a moment and then said, "How about 'government rabble rouser´"?

He looked perplexed, looked at me, then down at the form.

"Is that a real job?" he asked.

"I make money from it so I suppose it is a job," I replied, surprised he was even considering it.

He then went on to write down "government rabble rouser" under the title, "Occupation", passed me a card and finally i was given permission to play.

I wandered over to the poker area to the front desk and asked what games there were.

"You have to use your card on the computer," he said as though he didn't want to be there.

It was another long process and finally I was on a waiting list... in a poker room with about 20 people in it.  All the tables were electronic.  In fact, everything in the entire casino was electronic.  Even the blackjack tables had a video screen dealer.

Maybe I am old fashioned but I like the idea of a human dealer.

All the players were terrible and I figured I'd stay for a bit and play.  I asked if there was any alcoholic drinks to the man beside me and he told me, "It's 2:30am!  Of course not!"

After an hour or so of playing I decided I better head downtown to my hotel before rush hour traffic started as it is truly horrendous in Toronto.

I arrived to my hotel at 4am and found I still wasn't that tired and was quite hungry.

"Do you have minibars?" I asked.

"No," he said.

"Is there anywhere to buy a drink?" I asked.

"Not at 4am!" he said as though it was just the way god designed the Earth.

"How about food, do you have room service?" I pleaded.

"Not at 4am!" he replied, again as though I must be from another planet where people can have a drink or eat when they like.

He did tell me there was a 24 hour convenience store a few blocks away and so I wandered down past all the homeless people and found they didn't have much of a selection and ended up buying a Snapple and a bag of chips for about $12.

I returned to my room at 4:30am in the pitch black, windy cold night and entered my room to eat my chips.

"Well, at least I can have a cigarette and hopefully pass out," I thought.

I figured the hotel room was non-smoking as almost every hotel room in Kanada now is but I threw open the drapes to open the window to find that they were all sealed shut for my own safety.  Non-smoking signs were throughout the room and a smoke detector lay right in the middle of the ceiling.

I munched on a few chips, chugged down some iced-tea, sighed, and walked into the bathroom, shut the door, took off my clothes and turned on the shower to create enough humidity to smoke a cigarette.

As I sat there, with my cigarette getting wet, I leaned against the glass shower door and looked into the mirror, "So glad to be back in Kanada..." I thought.


I will be at the Bitcoin Expo in Toronto all week and headed off now to a cocktail party at Bitcoin DeCentral, a cool bitcoin incubator run by the conference's organizer.

After that I'll be headed back to Acapulco again for a few weeks which I am already looking forward to!  And then it'll be on to Cabo at the end of the month for the TDV Wealth Management Crisis Conference.

The conference will have 24 hour food, drinks and pretty much everything else you want like a civilized country.  I'll look forward to seeing a number of TDVers there.  Space is limited and nearly sold out so if you had planned to join you should contact TDV Wealth Management ASAP.

Jeff Berwick

70 Militarized Federal Agencies & A Standoff In Nevada Later, US Tyranny At All-Time High

Fri, 04/11/2014 - 08:21

[Editor's Note: The following post is by TDV Editor-in-Chief, Jeff Berwick]

It has been one of the major untold stories of the Barack Obama presidency. 

The US federal government has militarized more than 70 agencies, from the post office to park rangers. Even the Social Security office and the International Revenue Service are a part of the shocking trend which should raise red flags for all Americans or anyone living in the US. 

Since 2009 The Dollar Vigilante Blog has brought you story after story covering federal purchases of hollow-point ammunition, firearms, even tanks for federal agencies like the US Postal Service and Social Security. 

In 2008 Barack Obama promised to create a private civilian army as strong and well-funded as the military. This is now the reality.


Click here or on thumbnail

“It’s one of the untold stories about government,” said former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson. “People don’t grasp the size and the scope of these entities and their law enforcement arms.”

The harsh truth is that the US taxpayers have funded the militarization of federal agencies...including the Environmental Protection Agency! Here's a partial list of the militarized agencies:

  • The U.S. Department of Education
  • The Bureau of Land Management (200 uniformed law enforcement rangers and 70 special agents)
  • The U.S. Department of the Interior
  • The U.S. Postal Inspection Service (with an armed uniformed division of 1.000)
  • The National Park Service (made up of NPS protection park rangers and U.S. Park Police officers that operate independently)
  • The Environmental Protection Agency (200 special agents)
  • The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (224 special agents)
  • The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

It's no question that the entirety of the US federal government has been militarized, quite a pricey operation for a country trillions of dollars in's just the way it is. Every day in the US you probably drive by an unmarked federal government car that is armed to the teeth, you might just not notice. 

Estimates posit that the US has 25,000 sworn law enforcement officers in non-law enforcement agencies. According to the US Office of Personnel Management, and the Wall Street Journal in 2011, 3,812 criminal investigators are working in areas other than the US departments of Treasury, Justice, Defense and Homeland Security.

These law enforcement agents are not sitting idly by. Do you remember Waco? It was there where 76 people were killed over their religious beliefs and wanting to home school their children. 


The federal Bureau of Land Management has surrounded the Clark County, Nevada ranch of Cliven Bundy with armed officers, snipers, helicopters and four-wheel drive vehicles. Just last week they began seizing cattle found grazing on public lands...the BLM argued it was all to save a desert tortoise...Here's the standoff:


Click here or on thumbnail

“No cow justifies the atmosphere of intimidation which currently exists nor the limitation of constitutional rights that are sacred to all Nevadans," said Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval after a standoff at the Bundy ranch.

The so-called "range war" involves a 600,000-acre area called Gold Butte near the Utah border. Bundy, whose family has lived in the area for more than 140 years ago, having built much of the infrastructure in the area, claims an inherent right to graze the area and sees the conflict as a states' rights issue. In short, he is refusing to acknowledge federal authority in Nevada. A dangerous position in an enslaved country. 

"Mr. Bundy has been in trespass on public lands for more than 20 years," BLM spokeswoman Kirsten Cannon said, adding that he owes the federal government some $1.1 million in unpaid grazing fees. So far the operation to remove the cattle has cost the US taxpayers $3,000,000, no small sum. Bundy stopped paying grazing fees in 1993. He said he did not need to do so because his Mormon ancestors worked the land since the 1880s.

“We own this land,” he said, and not the federal government. He is willing to pay grazing fees but only to Clark County, not BLM.

“Years ago, I used to have 52 neighboring ranchers,” he said. “I’m the last man standing. How come? Because BLM regulated these people off the land and out of business.”


You are in perpetual danger in the US of losing your ass or assets. The United States has become one of the most dangerous places in the world to live. In most of the places I travel to, if you painted a truthful picture of the way things are in the US, people would laugh. They might not believe you. The way law enforcement is handled in the US is not the status-quo in most countries across the world. In most countries, in fact, the police want themselves to be left alone, so they won't bother you unless you are annoying them...Whatever you're doing, they'll tell you to stop. In the US, you're liable to get shot! And that's not hyperbole! If you think that's hyperbole, that is because you've been conditioned to accept a miserable life. 

And so it is time to get your ass and assets out of the United States. The condition is only going to get worse, and with Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act coming this summer, US citizens are soon going to be among the most enslaved people on the planet. The Bundy's stand is some of the silver lining. People will stand up. But, it is more important now than ever to position yourself in a way so that you can make a stand at home, if you so wish. By having yourself and all your assets in the US, you're off to a bad start in that regard. 

The TDV Wealth Management Crisis Conference is designed to help you with just this. We encourage families to attend because a large part of our multi-faceted solution is creating legally tax-free structures that can be passed on for generations, out of the hands of an out of control government. The TDVWMCC will give you the tools you need to divorce from the US government. 

If you are unsure if the conference meets your needs feel free to email or call us for a free consultation on your affairs. You can email us at or call +1-646-568-5518 Ext. 516.

While this is an important and serious conference a lot of fun and good times will be had. We'll spend some time on the beautiful golf course at the event and even have time for a shopping excursion for the ladies and, of course, nightly cocktail and dinner parties.

If you'd like to read more about the conference click here.

Join the discussion at The Dollar Vigilante Blog

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Common Core Wants Children to Rewrite Bill of Rights

Thu, 04/10/2014 - 05:45

[Editor’s Note: The following post is by TDV contributor, Wendy McElroy]

“Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.” --attributed to Vladimir Lenin

A new furor has erupted over Common Core – an aggressive educational agenda in America that seeks to make state standards conform to a common federal one. A mother in Arkansas sparked it. Her daughter's 6th-grade homework required her to “prune two and add two amendments to the Bill of Rights.” The document was called “outdated” and so “may not remain in its current form any longer." 

The mother was particularly concerned because her daughter had not yet gone through a civics course. “When I asked my child what the assignment was to teach her she had no idea,” the mother stated. “She didn’t even understand what the Amendments meant. How can she make an informed decision when she doesn’t understand what she is ‘throwing out’?” Moreover, the assignment 'appointed' the girl to be part of a special committee to change the Bill of Rights, which the mother worried may lead her to incorrectly believe that it could be changed in that manner.

In response to media attention, a school official confirmed the authenticity of the assignment and defended it as being in accord with Common Core standards. The official denied the homework was “political” or that the children were not taught about the Bill of Rights beforehand; apparently a hand-out was discussed just before the assignment was given. [Note: the brief discussion about one sheet of paper clearly did not teach the child anything about the Bill of Rights.] Moreover, if the assignment was intended to elicit critical thought, why wasn't “keep as it is” an option? Why were children told the Bill of Rights was “outdated” rather than deciding for themselves?

The Bill of Rights is a flash-point because there is an ongoing war between the feds and individual rights. This paper document is the strongest remaining legal protection against the fed's onslaught on personal freedom. (The onslaught did not start with Obama but it has accelerated under him.)

The First Amendment protects freedom of speech, religion, assembly and the press. Free speech is abrogated by federally-imposed policies against 'incorrect' speech. For example, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act holds employers legally responsible for the “hate speech” by employees. Obamacare's mandate that employers provide abortifacients despite religious objections attacks freedom of religion. Freedom of assembly is denied by protest zones -- proscribed areas to which protesters are confined, often by wire fences; by law, those protesting anywhere near the President are arrested. America fell from 32nd to 46th in the 2014 World Press Freedom Index compiled by Reporters Without Borders.

The Second Amendment guarantee of the right to bear arms is dying through “salami tactics” – slice by slice. For example, on January 3rd, Obama issued two new executive actions aimed at 'tightening' the federal background-check system for gun ownership.

The Third Amendment prohibition against soldiers being quartered in homes without the owner's consent is before a federal appeals court. The case involves the police forcibly occupying a residence in order to surveil a neighboring home. A question asked is whether militarized police, such as SWAT teams, are soldiers under the Constitution.

The Fourth Amendment is no more. Protection against unreasonable searches and seizures evaporated with the TSA's 'right' to search the person and property of all air travelers. The NSA's massive warrantless searches of telecommunications has been upheld by a federal court.

The Fifth Amendment speaks to due process of law, eminent domain, double jeopardy and grand juries. Its most important protections are gone. The feds were exempted from due process by Section 412 of the USA Patriot Act which permits the military to detain individuals indefinitely without trial. Al-Awlaki and other Americans were executed by “imperial drone” even though they had not been charged with a crime. Eminent domain was gutted by the 2005 Kelo decision, which was upheld by the Supreme Court; in Kelo, the government confiscated private property in order to turn it over to another private for-profit owner; government agents continue to confiscate property from innocent people through civil seizure laws. Double jeopardy is side-stepped by allowing both civil and criminal trials for the same act. Not enough is known about non-transparent grand juries process to draw conclusions. .

The Sixth Amendment protections apply due process to criminal prosecutions: a defendant's right to hear the charges against him, to confront witnesses, to a speedy trial and to legal representation. The indefinite detention and assassination previously mentioned are clear abrogations. On March 4, Attorney General Eric Holder wrote a letter to Rand Paul, stating he could “imagine an extraordinary circumstance in which it would be necessary and appropriate under the Constitution and applicable laws...for the President to authorize the military to use lethal force within the territory of the United States.” On confronting witnesses, the federal government increasingly uses “classified documents” or secret witnesses against those charged with crimes against the state.

The Seventh Amendment guarantees trial by jury in federal court for common law or civil cases. This protection stands.

The Eighth Amendment protects against “cruel and unusual punishment.” Again, indefinite detention and assassination are violations. As is the punishment of whistle blowers like Chelsea/Bradley Manning who was held naked in solitary confinement and constantly awoken by guards. He didn't receive a proper trial for years. Even those who consider the Amendment to apply only to Americans on native soil should be concerned about federal defenses of torturing Gitmo prisoners who have been charged with no crime. A new report on the CIA apparently reveals such torture to be “normal procedure” by federal agents abroad; since the CIA is responsible for declassifying the report, it is not clear how much will be made public.

The Ninth Amendment affirms that people have other rights even if they are not enumerated in the Constitution. “Other rights” refer to just about anything the government doesn't prohibit. Given how regulations and the Nanny State have exploded under Obama, it is difficult to consider him a Ninth Amendment purist.

The Tenth Amendment reserves to the various states or to individuals any power not delegated to the federal government. The feds bypass the Tenth Amendment through the stick-and-carrot of funding. Consider Common Core. Education is a state prerogative. But any state that wants a bite out of a $4.35-billion federal fund must adopt the program. Moreover, any state that does so is exempt from the widely despised No Child Left Behind Act. As of Fall 2013, 45 states and D.C. have complied. Education has become a de facto federal prerogative. [The chart below represents the rate of growth in student achievement in math, reading and science. US is the black line.]

More is becoming known about Common Core curricula, largely because parents are appalled at what their children are learning. Or not learning. 6-graders without a good basic grasp of writing or math are being introduced to the Bill of Rights with the word “outdated” and told to rewrite it. That is not history; that is not critical thinking. Whatever school officials claim, it is blatantly political.

Wendy McElroy is a regular contributor to the Dollar Vigilante, and a renowned individualist anarchist and individualist feminist. She was a co-founder along with Carl Watner and George H. Smith of The Voluntaryist in 1982, and is the author/editor of twelve books, the latest of which is "The Art of Being Free". Follow her work


The US government has this all covered. Ever heard of "Constitution Free Zones"? Well, they exist. In fact, two-thirds of Americans live within the scopes of this federal initiative to summarily suspend the Constitution. The water is tested every single day, in the classroom and in the streets, as well as in entertainment. The way in which the United States has changed in just the last five years is mind-boggling. 

As Vietnam War soldiers said often, the American public is now "fubar." If Common Core is allowed to persist, the minds of the children will turn into a serious disconnect from the status-quo American psycho-heritage.  As happened in the Soviet Union, our future children, the ones in particular who have yet to even start school, could be turned against you and me. 

In other countries, it is not so bad. There is a beautiful world out there, where things aren't as gray as in the US. There is no reason to be fearful of "out there." Perhaps "out there" would be what is best for your family, present or future. Detecting a demand for lessons on how to set out on this footing, TDV Wealth Management has organized its second Crisis Conference, to be held in Cabo San Lucas.  

Why the Crisis Conference? I can think of no better place to learn the ropes of the new US tax regime and how you can maximize your benefits. The solutions offered by the TDV Wealth Management are first-class, and best for established individuals. At the conference you'll learn everything there is to know about Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA), and the options still available to westerners.

But act now. In the spirit of incrementalism, doors will be shut over time, but a quickening will be clear. For more information on luxurious alternative lifestyles, click here

Comments or questions? Email us at and we may use your email in our Feedback Friday each week.

US Moves To Restrict Travelers Taking International Flights

Wed, 04/09/2014 - 05:29

[Editor's Note: The following post is by TDV Editor-in-Chief, Jeff Berwick]

The US government is using the Malaysian Airlines flight 370 to tackle the "widespread lack of passport screening in all countries." The US is stepping up their processes. Already each passport of incoming visitors to the US is screened through multiple databases. After flight 370 disappeared, the US has started this process for all outgoing passengers. 

"Coupled with this information and the new abilities to act on that information definitely makes air travel a lot safer," according to one government official. 


Click here or on thumbnail

Throughout the video it is hinted numerous times that the US government has new capabilities to screen passengers. Travel is about to get much harder for many US passengers, as bureaucratic red-tape stops them from travel. For many, to be sure, traveling in-or-out of the US has been a nightmare already.

The nightmares that await hundreds of travelers in-and-out of the US are palpable for those paying attention. For nearly any random reason an individual can be denied his or her right to travel by the US bureaucracy, and it happens way more than you think.


Take for example one British celebrity. On her way to the US, she encountered quite a problem, putting her career on the line.

Nigella Lawson was recently prevented from boarding a flight to the United States over a court confession that she took drugs, it has emerged.

Lawson, a celebrity chef, was stopped at a Heathrow boarding gate on her way to Los Angeles this month. She was prevented from boarding the flight to the US due to a drug confession that she has taken drugs. Should she be unable to travel to the US her television career would be effectively ended.

The 54-year-old star confessed that she had snorted cocaine and smoked cannabis in front of her children. Although Scotland Yard has yet to do a thing, the US has taken a stricter policy, outdoing a country which has recently banned drinking in front of your own children and said that act should be punishable by up to ten years in a cage.

It appears US authorities told British Airways not to allow her to travel to California, where she would have been refused entry anyway. The US can disallow certain visitors from entering, even if they haven't ever been charged. To lift any ban could take months or years. In the spirit of transparency, the US Department of Homeland (In)Security’s custom and border protection department declined to comment.

We suspect Lawson was caught up in the requirement that airlines supply US security officials in advance with details regarding all passengers on flights to America in order to screen them against Washington's 'no fly list.'

Lawson had been allowed to travel to the US as recent as January, after her admission to taking drugs. It seems, as Telegraph notes, that US authorities have hardened since then. This is a harrowing trend which Americans best take note of now, before it is too late.

Every single day 366 people are "deemed inadmissable" and refused entry into the US, according to US government statistics, most of which are cooked. The information that Lawson had taken plants (a.k.a. drugs) came out during a bitter divorce trial.

She is far from the first British celebrity said to have found entry into the US difficult due to convictions or drug use.  Amy Winehouse, Kate Moss, Russell Brand and Oasis stars Noel and Liam Gallagher are all on that list. 


But her story is nothing compared to one American family's in particular. Celebrities, and other people in the public spotlight, are far from the only ones who find it difficult to travel in or out of the US. Take Charles and Kathleen Barrett for example. On August 8, 2013 they were barred from leaving Colorado on their way back to where they lived in Cuenca, Ecuador. Charles settled into his seat in a waiting area at the airport and was surrounded by three men, one of whom was wearing a US marshal's costume.

You’re not flying anywhere today,” one of the marshals told him. “The judge wants to see you.”

Charles was forced to turn over his passport and airline ticket and was kidnapped and led out of the airport in handcuffs.

Charles knew what the problem was. In 2007 he had received a large refund from the IRS he and his spouse were not entitled to, the result of a tax return filed without their signatures by their tax preparer. They ultimately testified against the tax preparer.

“When we found out about the mistake, we knew we needed to repay the IRS and had been working with the court to do it,” Charles said. “Based on an agreement, we had paid $5,000 a month for 2 1/2 years and had paid $226,000 in all, almost the total amount we originally owed the IRS.” The Barretts were also filing reports every six weeks with the court, providing documents as requested.

Once in court, Charles did not see the judge who had handled his case but another. It turns out the court had issed a writ of Ne Exeat Republica, ordering the Barretts to turn over their passports. The writ of Ne Exeat Republic is a virtually unknown judicial tool dating to the 18th century English royal court. Its original intention was to restrict travel for political reasons and is occasionally used in the US. It is almost always issued as a civil law action.

The IRS attorney insisted that Barrett go to jail or post bond of $253,000. The judge informed the attorney the writ did not authorize jailing, only the confiscation of passports and other travel documents. The IRS attorney insisted, and ultimately the judged relented. Charles was booked into jail, though no charges were filed.

Kathleen, who was leaving from Grand Junction, 200 miles west of Denver, was experiencing the same abuse. She was also booked into jail. It was two days before anyone knew where she was.

Kathleen and Charles saw each other for the first time in five days on Tuesday August, 13, at a hearing at the federal courthouse in Denver. Their new attorney demanded they be released. Judge Boland agreed, but the marshals refused to obey the judges orders based on the instructions of their superiors. Ultimately, the judge demanded the handcuffs and shackles be removed and they finally were.

Nearly eight months later, the Barretts are still unable to leave the US. Charles has lost the source of income that allowed him to make payments to the IRS.

The Barrett's lawyers are arguing that the IRS has repeatedly misrepresented the facts and has perjured herself on numerous occassions. Since, Judge Boland has been removed from the case. In fact, the Barretts have dealt with three different judges during the process.

The Barretts remain in Colorado, living with Kathleen’s mother.

“We just want the nightmare to end,” says Charles.


Every single day hundreds of people are barred from entering or leaving the US, and many of these individuals are held because of some issue or another, whether or not they are guilty of any crime, with the IRS. As the Barrett's case demonstrates, the IRS will do whatever it takes to make your life a living hell if they believe you have done something wrong, even if you haven't.

Pretty much right off the bat bureaucratic processes take over and the entire situation is out of yours and everybody's hands - even the government courts. The Barretts case shows that bureaucrats within the US government have no problem being in contempt of court, upholding the orders of their superiors before the rulings of the judge.

Getting one's assets outside of the hands of the US government, a government that clearly has no problem stealing in broad daylight from its own citizens, is instrumental to living a near worry-free life. Why become one of the 366 people each day, who, in the process of traveling to the US, find themselves passport-less or thrown in jail? As a result, many of these people have their assets stolen from them, and what they have leftover goes to attorneys whose sole purpose was to prove their innocence. What a witchhunt...

And it is only getting worse. The US government is stepping up its controls on travelers to-and-from the US. 


Knowing how to keep your savings outside the strongarm of the US government is a must of any financial portfolio. Without this instrumental first step you risk losing everything. There can be no doubt about that. We have covered this time-and-time again in the TDV Blog, and it is a fundamental philosophy of TDV Wealth Management, where we work to help families setup multi-generational savings strategies. 

The TDV Wealth Management Crisis Conference in Cabo San Lucas, Baja California, Mexico is designed to give attendees the tools they need to get their financial house in order - meaning outside the hands of government. It is not our first. We have already begun helping many of our readers, and others, to safeguard what is rightfully theirs, and we want to help you. These conferences are not for everybody. Only for individuals with substantial savings and cashflow and at least one million in savings, the TDV Wealth Management Crisis Conference could be the best decision you've made in terms of your wealth. 

We have documented countless times about how the borders are closing for Americans... this is just the latest of a disturbing trend.

We believe there is no strategy more important than internationalizing your ass and assets so you are not left with nothing by this system. The most egregious act is the incoming FATCA legislation that are nothing but capital controls.  To learn more and register now, click here.  

Join us at The Dollar Vigilante to make questions and comments.

Jeff Berwick

Marc Faber Says To Get Your Gold Out Of The US Now… Here’s How

Wed, 04/09/2014 - 02:42

[Editor's Note: The following post is by TDV Editor-in-Chief, Jeff Berwick]

This is an incredibly crucial time.  What I have called the most dangerous time in human history for capital.

You could end up doing almost everything right in the end and still losing everything.

'How?'  You ask.

If you realize that what is forthcoming will be a complete political, monetary and financial reset... as the evidence seems to indicate... and move your wealth completely into precious metals as would normally work... you could still lose everything.  The key word in the last sentence was "political".  If you, for example, are an American with all of your assets inside the US and you make the highly rational and logical decision to move into history's safe havens, gold and silver, you could still end up with nothing.

This is not anything new.  We are not talking about anything that hasn't happened in recent human history.  Those in the "land of the free" were forced to turn in their gold to the US government in 1933 and were forcibly not permitted to own gold until more than forty years later.

And so, if you were to foresee what was coming, and is coming, and realize you need to be in hard assets that Janet Yellen cannot inflate away into nothingness, and you bought gold... but inside the US... you may still lose it all.

This time around they likely won't confiscate it.  They've improved their methods since.  This time around they'll likely impose an egregious tax of 80%+ on purchases or sales of gold.  In that case, you still lose.

There is one way to salvage your assets, however, and I do realize to most Americans it seems crazy.  Send it outside of the country where the US government's tentacles have far less power.  In fact, as you have probably seen, much of the world is turning against the US government.  How else can you explain the unfathomable, that a person like Edward Snowden would just reveal the world's largest espionage program in the "land of the free" and have to flee to what was, in the recent past, Communist China and Soviet Russia, as a political refugee.

The answer?  Things change.  Most people don't realize until it is too late.  But if you hold all of your assets, especially precious metals, which you would think are the safest asset to hold in a time of crisis, in just one political jurisdiction.... one that has become one of the most oppressive geographic regions on Earth... you stand to lose everything.


Marc Faber has been a voice of reason amongst the noise for decades.

He recently stated in an interview that it is more important to own gold internationally - that is, outside the US - than to own gold. This is something Faber, regular guest on the mainstream media, has said in the past. Faber notes,

“I prefer if investors hold physical gold in a safe deposit box, ideally outside the US, in various locations… Switzerland, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, Canada… I think it’s important in today’s very uncertain world to diversify, not only the various asset classes… but also the custody of your assets should be in different jurisdictions.”

In 2011 Marc baffled mainstream media hosts with this assertion.

CNBC: “Uh, so do you thus not trust US banks or US custodians? Do you think they might fail or abscond with the gold?”

The hosts share a collective snicker.

Faber: “I don’t trust anyone.”

Awkward silence.

CNBC: “Hmmm. Interesting.”

The hosts tried to change the conversation to equities after that, but Faber goes back to his earlier point. 

Key to one of our main strategies at TDV of multi-generational savings is internationalization of one's gold holdings. People in the US believe the US financial industry is the center of the known universe, and this has indeed been true for life in the 'global economy'...but only since 1945. 1945-today is a blink-of-the-eye on the historical timeline. 

That old, fleeting system in which the US was the center of the financial world is no more, and it will take some years for the true effects to set in. In his more recent interview, Faber says:

“We’ve now been five years into the bull market and the US economy bottomed out in June 2009. We already had a crack-up boom—not in the economy of the typical household, but in the economy of the super-well-to-do people, whose asset prices rose dramatically and as a result created a huge wealth inequality.”

Why did those assets rise? The main reason the super-rich are getting richer is 1) inflation (they own assets that rise with or above inflation and 2) the rich are usually connected to government and bribe ("lobby") them to do things that profits them.

Faber continues, “My view would be that we have already printed so much money, and to accelerate it will be bringing about numerous other problems, so my time frame is that the [bubble], maximum, will burst in three years’ time.”

I agree with Faber. I think in the next 1-3 years we will see the bubble burst and the US economy take yet another turn for the worse.  Much worse than in 2008.

Faber continues, “Once the collapse happens, the power of central banks will be curtailed greatly because people will realize who brought along first the Nasdaq bubble in 1999: The Federal Reserve. Who brought about the housing bubble between 2001 and 2007? The Federal Reserve. And who is bringing now along another great credit bubble and asset bubble? The Federal Reserve.”

Faber thinks everything is overpriced, but if he had to "compare different asset prices, say real estate, stocks, bonds, commodities, gold, art, and so forth—and old cars—then I think that gold and silver [are] relatively inexpensive because they have had big corrections already, and you should not forget that the global bond market now is over $100 trillion.” Global debt is also more than $100 trillion.

That amount of debt is nearly 50% higher than it was just six years ago.  This is the death throes of the systems that has dominated since early in the 20th century.


You will not hear the solution from your government registered financial advisor and certainly not from CNBC or the mainstream media.

Independent sources of information have picked up the slack in this void.

The Dollar Vigilante (TDV) has compiled a multi-year report, penned by Vin Maru in consultation with the entire TDV team, entitled Getting Your Gold Out Of Dodge, which we've just recently updated. Sources like ViaMat,, and the Hard Assets Alliance Gold Ira can help some, but not all. Americans will find it the hardest to internationalize their gold. Many of these companies don't even serve Americans anymore. So, where can you turn if your government is making it impossible to keep your own wealth?

In this latest version, we updated many of the existing vendors with new information and options for diversification. We also added several new dealers which offer international storage as well as several private vaulting facilities.

  • Global Gold added vaulting in Hong Kong and Singapore

  • Bullion Vault added vaulting with Brinks in Singapore, Toronto and Zurich

  • Malca-Amit added a facility in Shanghai

  • Hard Asset Alliance added vaulting in Singapore & Melbourne and 2 new purchase options CombiBar and MetalStream

  • Miles Franklin added vaulting in US

  • GoldSwitzerland added vaulting in Singapore and Hong Kong 

  • Best Safety Box in Panama now offer bullion purchase

  • Euro Pacific Bank updated information 

  • Swiss America updated information

New Additions:

  • Testing precious metals for fake products

  • Gold Silver Vault with private vaulting in Idaho

  • Cube Global Storage Ltd. with private storage in Victoria, B.C. Canada

  • Diamond State Depository with vaulting in Delaware, USA

  • International Depository Services Of Canada with vaulting in Toronto, Canada 

  • Swissmetal Inc. with vaulting in Panama and Switzerland, all providing bullion and rare strategic metals sales

  • Singapore Precious Metals Exchange with vaulting in Singapore and bullions transaction

  • BullionStar with vaulting in Singapore and bullions transaction

And that is on top of countless pieces of important information we had documented prior, including all the ways to store gold internatiaonally, such as allocated gold, unallocated gold, segregated gold and private vaults and safety deposit boxes all ranked from safe to risky, with specific and useful options.

But there is much more to it than this.


It isn't easy.  Most people will soon realize that.  But for those who take the effort to discover these solutions, that are laid out in Getting Your Gold Out Of Dodge, you may end up comfortably, safely and profitably ahead of the crowd when they do figure it out.

One thing many Americans don't know, for example, is that the most trusted provider of international gold shipments doesn't accept US citizens as clients anymore.

What we've detailed here are just a few of the simple ways to begin to internationalize your precious metals but there are dozens of other ways to do so. TDV has just updated it’s “Getting Your Gold Out Of Dodge” (GYGOOD) report which is a 127-page report that has been compiled over the last two years with in depth info on everything you need to know to safely internationalize your precious metals. GYGOOD is free to TDV subscribers.” 

"Getting Your Gold Out Of Dodge", our detailed report, will give you the ins-and-outs of gold holding in a way that is multi-generational. This is of the utmost importance to your assets during the coming collapse.

Jeff Berwick

Is Your Domain Name Safe From Nefarious Interests?

Tue, 04/08/2014 - 03:42

[Editor's Note: The following post is by TDV contributor, Mark E. Jeftovic]

The soft underbelly of everything you do online are your domain names and DNS. (Briefly, your domain names are the labels people use to reach your website or send you email: i.e DNS is the mechanism computers use to map where these various connections are to take place).

Before anything can happen on the internet, at least one successful DNS lookup has to occur, and no matter how much money you spend on things like firewalls, offshore data centres, redundant network connections, penetration testing, high availability switches and routers; if your DNS stops resolving or your domain name gets yanked, none of that matters because you will simply disappear from the internet.

This is why every time I come across websites of like-minded libertarians, an-caps, contrarians, whistleblowers (and other egregious truth tellers) I often cringe when I lookup their domain names and find out that their registrar is Godaddy, or some other registrar that is notorious for throwing their customers under a bus at the slightest whiff of trouble and with a complete lack of due process.

People who read websites like TDV  or ZeroHedge (another client of ours who keeps us on our toes) have a certain understanding of the world we live in, what's happening, and within broad channels, what's going to happen. 

In other words, everybody here knows things are going off the rails and we talk about that freely. However "the powers that be" don't like it to be widely known that things are, in fact, going off the rails, that our monetary regime is headed for systemic failure, or in a wider sense, that nation-states are becoming obsolete.

So various governments, quasi-governments, non-governmental and law enforcement agencies understand that when it comes to the internet, one really effective method of silencing a voice of dissent is to squeeze their domain registrar or DNS provider to take their domain names offline.

We became aware of this first in 2010 with Wikileaks (a situation which we were embroiled in through a case of mistaken identity but it made an impression on us to be sure). 

Since then we've had numerous run-ins with people "out there" who wanted us to take down some customer website for the sole virtue that they weren't fans of what that website did or said, or because the domains represented a new business model that threatened entrenched interests.

The problem is this: most registrars, when they receive a "Takedown Notice" (which is what these requests are called), simply shrug their shoulders and go along with it. In other words, it's trivially easy to knock almost any website in the world completely offline by simply telling their domain registrar that a domain is "doing something wrong" and they had best comply with a takedown request and pull the website offline. Sometimes with catastrophic effects.

Web services company was taken offline in 2012 after a faxed takedown request was received from the US Secret Service, rendering over 2 million web forms across 700,000 user accounts inoperable. It caused a big stink and people wondered if it would prompt their registrar (Godaddy) to incorporate some modicum of "due process" into their takedown process. They didn't. The takedowns continue, most recently the prominent Mexican political dissent website was taken offline by Godaddy after the US Embassy asked them to.

We had our turn to prove our point when the City of London UK police sent out takedown notices to multiple registrars late last year.  The London Police's newly formed Intellectual Property Crime Unit had deemed numerous domains (without any court proceedings it should be emphasized) to be "profiting from illegal acts", and requested that the registrars not only take down the domains, but redirect their traffic to an IP address controlled by them, which featured what can only be called "advertisements" for competing industry players (all based within the UK).

Everyone complied, except for us, and when word got out about this some of the websites affected understandably tried to move to us but were blocked by their registrar from doing so.  We pursued the matter through the highest levels of the ICANN Inter-Registrars Transfer Policy and were finally vindicated with a ruling in January from the National Arbitration Forum. The ruling found that even if a registrar wants to obey a takedown order that has no legal basis, if they do not have a court order in a competent jurisdiction then they cannot prevent that domain from moving to a more clueful registrar. It's an important ruling and I mention it for a reason.

No sooner had this ruling come down, some non-governmental group (although they have been accused of improperly using their government influence to have policy enacted) called the National Association of Boards Pharmacy (NAPB), sent a letter to all ICANN registrars that said, in effect:

  • You have to take down any domain we tell you to
  • Registrars are responsible for enforcing the NABP's IP interests in every jurisdiction in the world
  • Registrars cannot allow a domain that has been taken down to transfer away, and
  • There is no real appeals process

All of which was in direct contravention of the aforementioned ruling we had just obtained, and all of which is clearly blustering because the NAPB has no legal authority of any kind. They're just an industry trade group out to protect their stakeholders, who are basically big pharmaceutical companies (and, incidentally, also the brains behind the new .pharmacy top-level-domain initiative. Wouldn't it would be nice if you could make all your competitors "go away" under a thinly guised ruse of "public safety"?)

But it didn't matter. We had a customer running a perfectly legal business selling peptides (chemicals used in laboratory research) over the internet, based here in Toronto, selling goods that anybody in Canada can walk in off the street and purchase whose primary business website was taken offline (again, by Godaddy), after an "internet investigator" in London, UK sent them an email telling them to. I've read the entire transcript between that "internet investigator", the Godaddy Abuse desk and our client and it is nothing short of Kafka-esque and chilling.

The website was down for months, we went to Godaddy, new ruling in hand and battled our way up the chain to find somebody high enough in the organization to finally admit that while it was their prerogative to play ball with any kind of nonsensical legal demand that comes through the door, they couldn't prevent any domains from transferring away after they took it down. Our client was out of there the next day.

The point of all this is: you need to be aware of all these "gotchas" with respect to domain names. In some cases US legislators will even bypass your registrar and go straight to the registry operator to seize your domain there (usually happens under a sealed warrant, blessing it with a veneer of Soviet-era legality). 

If you are doing anything that could be deemed as "controversial", including but not limited to: telling the truth, objecting to government policies (like wars, mass surveillance, assassinations, torture, or fraud), getting mixed up in threatening technologies or disruptive business models like: bitcoin, cryptography, p2p or you are some kind of lunatic fringe advocate for privacy, peace, economic sanity or the Constitution; then you are highly cautioned to take all of this into account.

If your activities rely heavily on your web presence, you need to plan for catastrophic failures like takedowns and the like. I don't want this to come off as an easyDNS infomercial, so the following tips can be used anywhere, not just with us:

Know which legal jurisdiction your domain is under. If it's .com, .net, .org, or .biz it's ultimately operated by a US registry operator, even if your registrar is in another country.

Know your registrar: do they have an official takedown policy? Or do they just make it up as they go along? What are their views on due process? Will they simply capitulate to any request or do they have even a modicum of backbone?

What is buried in the Terms of Service? Usually the provider reserves the right to screw you in every way imaginable. (We recently re-released ours in Plain English and are the only registrar in the world that incorporates the Non-Aggression Principle into ours.)

Have a backup domain name or two under different top-level-domains. Preferably non-US ones. Switzerland is a great jurisdiction for this because anybody can register .CH domains and they are fairly laissez-fare when it comes to takedown orders. Also, if you setup a business entity in Switzerland, the entire legal system is geared toward due process and heading off frivolous lawsuits.

Have your data backed up offsite If your entire operation is going to be taken offline you want to be able to relocate and relaunch. Ideally these backups are encrypted (especially if they contain your customer data).

Going forward, it is just a matter of time before the same technological-market forces that brought us Bitcoin will obviate a lot of this by eliminating a centralized DNS root (something I personally thought to be impossible until Bitcoin - and its blockchain ledger model came along).

Namecoin and even Ethereum are in the early stages yet, but it is happening. Until these emergent forces become ready for prime-time, all the action will happen within the legacy naming systems and you'll have to keep your wits around you and partner with a clueful naming entity (registrars, DNS providers) to be able to navigate it.


"Mark Jeftovic is the CEO of easyDNS Technologies Inc. the Toronto-based domain registrar and DNS provider who lives by the credo "Power & Freedom™". In his copious spare time he blogs about anarcho-capitalism, bitcoin and tectonic shifts at and is the guitarist/singer for indie-rock sensations The Parkdale Hookers."






This is a topic near and dear to me. As some of you who have read The Dollar Vigilante Newsletter before might have seen, I am a proponent of purchasing some domains like they were a form of real estate. Of course, annual fees and the like become expensive, but for those with a little extra dough and a creative mind, buying internet domains (and building them out) can go a long way. 

As I read Mark's piece, all the ways in which anybody with a website could be compromised in big ways became clear. Today it is no secret that doing anything innovative is now considered provocative. Mark's own company EasyDNS got embroiled in the WikiLeaks debacle because of a typo, which is awfully similar to the movie Brazil, which we recounted here. Read about it from Mark's team here.

TDV has moved its servers to EasyDNS, and sleep much safer with our servers in Iceland, a country with a history of standing up to attacks from foreign governments. 

TDV Week in Review: April 6th, 2014

Sun, 04/06/2014 - 16:26

"You own a gun!?" she said in complete surprise. I knew I had gone too far. She is new to the group, dating a friend.

She is really darling. A beautiful, younger woman. She misses living in New York. I wish she had more girlfriends.

I don't recall exactly what I was talking about, when she interjected, but I can tell you I was probably more concerned with my next drink and where I can get some good, safe drugs now that Silk Road had been shut down.

"Yes, I do," I answered. Most everyone's eyes glossed over at the table. Close friends, but they have an aura of palpable American indifference. I've learned to love it. I just keep my opinions to myself, unless it has to do with which new music albums are good and which are bad.

She stared at me, mouth agape. "But...why?"

"Well, for protection."

"I cannot believe you have a gun...that's scary!" she replied.

"What is scary is that there are like 350 million guns in the country, and so when that is the case, and like 99% of Americans are lunatics, of course I am going to have a gun. It is dumb not to. Yes, I know what you're thinking - 'wouldn't it be nice if, in the 14th century, the Chinese hadn't invented gunpowder,' but that's not the case, is it?"

She paused a moment. "But what if you go crazy and shoot someone?"

"Well, I appreciate your vote of confidence in me, but I am currently not on any prescribed medications and the medications I am on really just make me feel lovey-dovey and relaxed. The gun is simply for self-defense in a totally insane world. It just sits in my drawer at home, unchambered."

"Well, isn't protection what the police are for?"

I spat my drink out and apologized profusely. I was choking on some of the drink at this point as the whisky bourbon had gone down the wrong pipe. My eyes were watering over and probably had become red like a blood-soaked American sidewalk after justice had been meted out by the men in blue. Some of it came out of my nose, and it burned.

"Excuse me?" I said.

"The police, they're for protection."

"So, you're implying the only people who should have weapons are those in uniforms."

"Well, yeah, I like guys in uniforms," she replied.

"You do see the problem when only police and military have guns, don't you? Anyone?"

They just looked at me. One friend knows what's up. He is much more interested, though, in how the low-end sounds through an analog recording setup, God bless his soul. That is truly something I can get behind.

"Well, they're supposed to protect us, that's why they have guns," she said.

"Sure, in a mark-to-model reality..."

"A what-to-what reality?"

"In reality that isn't the case. There are lots of things that prevent police officers from getting to your home to protect you. For one, distance from where they are to where you are. It might take awhile for them to get there. Second, too many are fat f*cks. Third, with an IQ of sub-70, who is to guarantee they find your place at all, even with Google Maps? And fourth, if they DO find your place, within a reasonable amount of time, you probably already live in the ghetto. And then, what's to stop them from shooting you? Plus, I have a very cute rabbit from a past relationship. The last thing I would want is for anything to happen to this innocent creature at the hands of the cops."

"Well, if you're so worried, why don't you just go to the gym, then?" She laughed. I wondered If she had ever been to a gym herself.

"You know what, you're right - why don't I?"

I got up for another drink, and then walk out for an organic cigarette. The doorman stops me.

"Hey you! You can't bring that drink out here," he says.

"Oh yes, I forgot, I am sorry." He checks my ID, for the second time tonight, as I walk back into the club.

I set the drink down inside, and walk outside. I begin rolling a cigarettte.

"You aren't rolling a joint are you, buddy?" The doorman asks.

"Nope, just a cigarette."

"Better be."

I light it.

"Hey buddy, read the sign! Twenty feet away from the building.

So, I walk out into the middle of the street and light my cigarette. I don't even like cigarettes but what other excuse am I going to use to be left alone when I am out on a Saturday night? If I could, I would smoke a joint instead.

I look to the south and I can see the Mexican hillside. 'Only about a 20 minute drive from here,' I think to myself. All of the possibilities just over the border. I look at my watch, it is 12:45am. The night is winding down, north of the border at least. I could probably make it to Tijuana in time for a donkey show. I hear Berwick in my head: "Justin - it's only 12:45am, you slave, OF COURSE you can make it down to TJ in time for a donkey show."

I decide to go home instead. The drive south towards the border is too dangerous at this point. I was planning on going to the gym early, anyway.


A great week of provocative articles from the TDV crew this week, let's get to it. But first...

Also, a quick reminder that if you’re interested in receiving articles beyond what you read here everyday, consider our weekly subscriber-only publications, like our Issue, Dispatches, and Homegrown. You may subscribe here.

On to the review…

Monday March 31


Jeff Berwick on the USSA vs. the Ukraine.

“In a TV address to a torn nation, Ukraine's PM Yatsenyuk first implied heating prices would rise incrementally, and then later confirmed a plan to increase prices 100% in the next two years (and nearly 200% by 2017) as the cost of imported Russian gas is expected to rise to $500 from the current $84.”

continue reading…

Tuesday April 1


Berwick on the new Bernanke.

“Janet Yellen has only been Chairman of the Federal Reserve for less than two months and I am already convinced that she is the best thing to happen since Barack O'Bomber was first elected and awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

There are a number of reasons for that.

First, as we can see by her speech yesterday she is going to be a laugh riot.  And, secondly, all of her actions will undoubtedly, indisuptably destroy the dollar... And, of course, we dollar vigilantes have prime seats and are positioned to profit from that inevitability.  We thought Helicopter Ben was a literal gold mine but Janet Yellen will easily surpass him as a great source of mockery and profitability.”

continue reading…

Wednesday April 2


The irascible Jim Karger being Jim Karger.

“Dear Canadians,

Let me get to the bottom line before you get to the bottom of the bottle.

That evil bastard, Berwick, just wrote me and asked me to write on "the downsides of being an 'accidental American.'" Hell, I can write for hours on the downsides of being any kind of American - intentional, negligent, reckless, syphilitic, and brain-dead.

But, no, he wants a screed limited to 'accidental Americans,' which is whiskey-prism talk for Canadians. You know, people like you and Berwick, who suffer from having been flash-frozen out of the womb and then making the rest of us suffer with your hideous disabilities and whining ever since."

continue reading…

Thursday April 3


More from Jeff Berwick on a Python’s renouncing his slave card.

“This is an issue we write about and discuss regularly here at The Dollar Vigilante. It seems Terry saw the writing on the wall. So-much-so, in fact, he made a movie about what I surmise is basically modern America. (read: Amerika)

Terry's 1984 film Brazil portrays a bizarre 1984-esque world which meshes the dark reality of a society mired in totalitarianism, slowed to a near hault by bureaucracy,  with what's basically slapstick. One of the main events of the film is when the wrong person is killed. "Tuttle" is who the state wants to murder for being a terrorist, but a fly lands on on the oversized behemoth of a state printer and smudges the T to look like a B. And so the wrong person, Buttle, an old man who leaves behind a family, is executed by ‘shock troops.’”

continue reading…

Friday April 4


“Saturday April 5th, 2014, will mark the twentieth anniversary of the death of Kurt Cobain, perhaps the last true rock star. By the time Kurt had become an American icon in 1991, he was thinking of leaving the limelight and expatriating. He liked how other cultures didn't ask him for autographs like Americans did. The tabloid nature of media in the US, also, was too much for him.”

Saturday April 5


Jeff Berwick checks in with his weekly address to TDVers from Anarchapulco.

continue reading…


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Statism is Dying - Freedom is Rising: The Weekend Vigilante April 5, 2014

Sat, 04/05/2014 - 22:16

Hello from Anarchapulco,

I've got good news!

I rarely like to give myself much praise on things as I truly don't think I am especially talented at most things... but one thing I may have a knack for, if my life history has been any indication, is seeing opportunities and shifts before most of the population identifies it.

In 1993, I quit my job at a bank within weeks of hearing about the internet as I had been waiting my whole life for it and knew it was going to change everything.  I then, because I was into the stock market (and had wanted to be a broker) started up a financial portal, as they used to call it, called in 1994 and it went on to be worth $240 million at the peak of the tech bubble in 2000.  In the early days of the internet it felt very much like bitcoin does today.  People were skeptical that it would really catch on!  And that is if they even knew what it was at all.

I recognized in 2005 that the West, the US in particular, was headed downward in terms of its economy, money and rising government controls and a rising police state.  I also felt that precious metals would rise significantly due to this (and they have risen dramatically from 2005 levels).  Because of that I started The Dollar Vigilante in 2009 and it has grown tremendously in popularity as many of the things I had been saying would happen have happened.  

And then in 2011, when I first heard about bitcoin at $7 (currently near $500) I immediately jumped on it recognizing it would change the world of money and banking and have been one of it's loudest backers having been on mainstream media and countless alternative media promoting it as being an evolution in money and banking.

And so, now to the good news!  Good news, that is, if you think the world would be a better place if it wasn't so heavily communist-style centrally planned through coercive collectives called government who have a monopoly on violence (police, regulations, prisons) and theft (taxes).

I first learned about the philosophy behind the idea of liberty over ten years ago and so have a decade of experiences by which to identify a shift.

When I first heard about these ideas from people like Doug Casey and then others like Stefan Molyneux the word "libertarian" was not well known.  In fact, in 2004 when Doug Casey told me I was a libertarian I asked him what that word meant.

Over the ensuing years it has become a very well understood word, especially since the last Ron Paul presidential run.  

For more information from a person who wrote the book, "The New Libertarianism: Anarcho Capitalism" in 1972, here is a man who has been of this mindset for forty years and he tells of how the pace of acceptance of these philosophies in the last few years has dwarfed the few dozen people who molded and believed in these concepts then like Ayn Rand, Murray Rothbard, Jeffrey Tucker and Wendy McElroy thirty years ago.

Click here or on thumbnail

But now it is moving beyond that.  Not only are the words and ideas growing dramatically but even in mainstream media it is going even beyond libertarian.  Forbes magazine in just the last few years has almost turned into an anarcho-capitalist or anarchist publication.  Most of the stories on Forbes don't look all that much different from what we are writing here at The Dollar Vigilante... a site and style that used to be considered extreme.

No more!

It's not even fairly free-market leaning media like Forbes now.  Time magazine just released what can only be described as an anarcho-capalist story called, "The Government Is A Hitman".  It starts, "What the invisible hand of free-market innovation giveth, the dead hand of politically motivated regulation tryeth desperately to take away."

It goes on to talk about how the evil and oppressive government is using its monopoly on violence to stifle the free market innovation of Uber, Tesla and AirBnB.

Time... which I always used to call Slime, writing an anarchist style article calling the government a hitman?

There used to be a time... two or three years ago where when I said things like that it was extreme.  Now it is in Time magazine.

Click here or on thumbnail

I've also been very outspoken about people considering getting both their ass and their assets outside of the US.  This, also, was called extreme just a few years ago.

Now, the Huffington Post, a popular notoriously pro-government and liberal site is posting articles like, "Looking To Escape America?" which gives a guide of the best places to go if you want to get out of the USSA and go to "foreign lands of opportunity".

Escape from Amerika?  That is the tentative title of my upcoming book... (and a big topic at our upcoming Crisis Conference in Cabo) but now the HuffPost is writing about it? 

Now everyone is calling themselves libertarian.  Liberal, Bill Maher, on HBO says he is a libertarian.  Neocon, Glenn Beck, says he is a libertarian.

I have found the tables are being turned and if you don't at least claim to be a libertarian or an anarchist then you will be laughed out of many gatherings.  Three or four years ago if I said I was an anarchist and government is an unneccesary evil a sizeable part of the crowd would be shaking their head in dissaproval or even walk out.  Now it is commonplace for me to say the same thing on a panel at a conference and have almost everyone agree with me... and if there is one person on the panel who doesn't they will often apologize to me for not being an anarchist yet.

In May I'll be speaking in LA at an event call United We Stand (get tickets here) in front of tens of thousands of college kids who are all libertarians.  

There are massive changes going on.  A grand awakening.  And it is all evolving at a near exponential pace.

The next ten years will likely even shock me.  It will shock me how bad it is, in some respects, with a complete collapse of the monetary and financial system which will hurt many and will likely shock me how good and exciting it ends up being... because if enough people wake up the advancements in human life will be one for the record books.

Watch any video or TV show from the 90s and look how archaic it looks.  On Seinfeld, for example, Jerry has a tiny little 12" monochrome screen Mac and none of them even have cellphones!  Half the show is them looking around for each other or calling landline phones doing the same.  And they mentioned the internet only once with Jerry saying, "I should get on there," when told you can get information on it.  That was only twenty years ago.  Imagine what the next ten years will look like if we can get past the collapse of the current statist and collectivist systems... which is a near certainty now.

Don't even bother watching a video from the 1940s or earlier... they already seem like they are from another planet as millions of people fought, killed, starved and died all for nothing.  It may as well be fiction now as it is so far removed from what we know today.

Meanwhile, the dychotomies of people still living in the statist and collectivist past and those who have already moved on to the individualist future make for good comedy.

As one example, here is a story from Mother Jones saying, "This Machine Can Tell Whether You're Liberal or Conservative"

It goes on to say that liberals tend to act a certain way when they see images and conservatives do also.

What this statist article really tries to imply is that people are actually born as a liberal or conservative.  This, of course, is ridiculous.  It is possible that most people who as adults vote one way or another have brains that work differently.  But it doesn't mean that you are born as a democrat or conservative.

It means that you may, once brainwashed and indoctrinated into this system, lean towards on side or the other.  Once indoctrinated you may lean more towards wanting to steal money from people to kill other people not born in your geographic vicinity or desiring to kidnap people and put them in cages if they do something you don't like (conservative).  Or you may lean towards wanting to steal money from people to ruin people via making them unproductive (welfare) or destroying the economy due to your inability to understand how economics works.

But both sides are actually emotionally and mentally damaged irrational people.

It made me wonder what their conclusion would be if they attached an anarchist to their device.  Seeing as how they only have two possible outcomes (the two political mafias in their geographic vicinity) it would have to be wrong everytime an anarchist was tested.

Or, to state another way, if you are a rational thinker the device won’t work, as Facebook friend, Karen Shapiro pointed out to me.

Conservatives have a higher level of "disgust sensitivity" and liberals less, but with a sounder mind the item shown is judged on its merit and extreme emotions either way are left out of the calculation. The machine scores the interaction as neutral.

Conservatives are more hierarchical and prefer harsher punishments while liberals are more forgiving. A more concrete mind would be neither; you earn things, or you don't. You make bad decisions, and there you have it. And as they tend to stay away from judging others when possible they would, again, screw up the machine's ability to weigh one emotion versus another.

Conservatives do not try to convince others as much as liberals that their view of government programs is just, while liberals tend to think that if they can get others to see things in the same light there would be agreement and hand holding. A rational mind understands that government itself is inherently evil as a force of coercion and, again, doesn’t weigh in on the matter of convincing others (they can do what they want if it doesn’t interfere with others), again, giving an indecisive score.

At the conclusion, the indecisive scores that would be shown of an anarchist would likely be interpreted as the subject having a very low IQ (some degree of mental retardation), which garners pity from the liberals (who would then want to steal money from others to 'help' you) and derision from the conservatives (who would then want you kidnapped and drugged in a government institution).

Anarchists just don't fit the left-right paradigm and therefore aren't included as even an option in these studies.  But quickly the right-wing statists are beginning to see all the benefits of libertarianism.  They love the "small government" idea... they just don't know that an anarchist's idea of small government is the individual.  And the left-wingers love libertarianism's take on doing what you want with your own body.  They just haven't figured out that anarchists want every body on Earth to be able to do whatever they want as long as they don't damage or steal from others.

They'll figure it out soon enough... and that time might come faster than anyone thinks.


My nearly month long sabbatical here in Acapulco is coming to an end.  Later this week I'll be taking my life in my own hands and flying through the USSA to Kanada where I'll be speaking at the Canadian Bitcoin Expo.

Then, a week after returning I'll be speaking at a conference we are sponsoring, the Mexico City Bitcoin Conference, in my butchered Espanol to a growing audience of Mexican bitcoin enthusiasts and entrepreneurs.

I've even been requested to go meet with some immoral Mexican government bureaucrats to try to inform these low IQ, irrational people what bitcoin is and why they should possibly, hopefully, not use their violent tactics to make people in Mexico stop using bitcoin.

And then, to fill out the month of April I'll be in Cabo at the end of the month for our own TDV Wealth Management Crisis Conference.  And, while I have been very optimistic about the future in this version of the Weekend Vigilante, we still need to get through the coming collapse of all these violent and thieving collectivist monetary, financial and political systems before we get there.  So if you have a significant amount of assets that you haven't properly protected from the ravages of the Western governments in their death throes you should run, not walk, to the Crisis Conference at the end of this month.

It will be much more enjoyable to watch the collapse of this system and the evolution to a much more decentralized, open, free, moral and peaceful system if you survive the collapse with most of your assets safely outside of ground zero (the US) of the coming monetary, financial, economic and political collapse.

I hope unlike with the internet, precious metals and bitcoin I don't have to tell many people "I told you so" this time.

Post your point of view on drunken Jeff Berwick's outrageous scribblings here >>

Jeff Berwick

Who Killed Kurt Cobain? Twenty Years Later, The Free Market Looks for Answers

Fri, 04/04/2014 - 15:58

[Editor's Note: The following post is by TDV head researcher, Justin O'Connell]

Saturday April 5th, 2014, will mark the twentieth anniversary of the death of Kurt Cobain, perhaps the last true rock star. By the time Kurt had become an American icon in 1991, he was thinking of leaving the limelight and expatriating. He liked how other cultures didn't ask him for autographs like Americans did. The tabloid nature of media in the US, also, was too much for him.

His band had changed music's culture. Punk rock went mainstream when Nirvana went mainstream. In the band's video for their seminal hit "Smells Like Teen Spirit," cheerleaders wear uniforms with the Anarchy "A" symbol on them. And this video was in constant rotation on MTV and around the world. 

The events surrounding his death are murky. What most people don't know is there were two investigations of his reported 'suicide.' One by the Seattle Police Department, and one by the free market. Can you guess which one has been more fruitful? If you read this article, and delve a bit deeper, you'll find out the answer to that question.

Kurt left a drug rehab center in Marina Del Rey California on April 1st, 1994. He was reported missing not long after, only to be found dead seven days later, on April 8th.

Tom Grant is a California state licensed private investigator and former detective with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. He was hired April 3rd, 1994, by Courtney Love to locate Kurt. While Tom went to Seattle to find Kurt, Courtney stayed in Los Angeles. From the moment Tom met Courtney, he began recording all of their conversations. Something seemed off about her to Tom. The very first thing she told him was a lie. (Tom had no idea who Courtney Love or Kurt Cobain were when he was hired.)

Although the police immediately concluded "suicide", Grant wasn't so sure. He had been searching for Kurt Cobain for five days at this point, and had investigated the circumstances surrounding him in detail by that time. Tom Grant learned quickly after Kurt's death that Rosemary Carroll, Courtney Love and Kurt's own entertainment attorney, also did not buy the suicide theory. Not only did Courtney Love's own private investigator conclude Courtney was implicated in the murder of Kurt, but so too had her own attorney, though the latter has done a good job of keeping her mouth shut after some initial recorded skepticism.

From the very beginning Tom recognized Courtney was a habitual liar. After several months of intensive investigation, Tom concluded that Courtney Love and Michael Dewitt, the Cobain's live-in male nanny, who Courtney had known personally for some time, were involved in a conspiracy that resulted in Kurt's murder. Tom wasn't positive at first. He figured Kurt had probably killed himself, but he couldn't help notice things didn't make sense, and that the Seattle Police Department's investigation was lackluster at best.

Seven months after Kurt's death, Tom was finally willing to speak out publicly. He believed he had investigated thoroughly enough. It took Tom seven months to conclude there had been a “conspiracy.” The police concluded suicide after five minutes. What did Tom have to gain by speaking the truth? Not much. He was accusing his own client of murder. He could have gone to jail for doing that, not to mention the lawsuits, and the fate of his own PI firm. Ultimately, he chose to speak out, and thanks to him a trove of information has been made available. Many years later, it came out that this wasn't the first attempt on Cobain's life. It was merely the first to succeed.

The fact is Kurt was looking to divorce Courtney and to leave Seattle. He mentioned in interviews he wanted to expatriate, he simply “didn't want to live in the United States.” He had begun the process to change his will as he wanted Courtney taken out, and Courtney had called their attorney and asked her to find the "meanest, most vicious divorce attorney around."

Tom points to numerous unanswered questions, such as who was using Kurt's credit card after he is known to have been dead? Someone was attempting to use it, but these attempts stopped when the body was found. The police also claim there were no legible fingerprints on the shotgun found on scene! In fact, the Seattle Police Department did not even check the gun until May 6th, one month after Kurt was found. How's that for shoddy police work?

"Any publicity is good publicity," Courtney told Tom, before Kurt had even been found, as she trumpeted over-and-over again how suicidal Kurt was. In his investigation, Tom would find Courtney was really the only one who seemed to think Kurt was suicidal. Even Kurt's own best friend, before Kurt's body was found, told Tom Kurt was in good spirits. Tom found it suspicious how obsessed Courtney was with her own career in the days and weeks around Kurt's death, and how she was the only one parading how suicidal Kurt was. 

The police immediately determined the note was a "suicide note" written to Courtney and Kurt's daughter, Frances Bean. But the note was not addressed to Kurt's wife and daughter, nor does it say anything about "killing himself". The note is clearly written to Cobain's fans about his quitting the music business.

In fact, it later came out in an interview that Courtney had kept a second note private. It is a crime, mind you, to keep evidence from police. (She read the public "suicide" note aloud to adoring fans over radio) She didn't tell anyone about the second note until it slipped out in a Rolling Stone interview, which Tom read as part of his investigation of her. The second note clearly defines the first note. Kurt's leaving Seattle and the music business. There's no mention in either that he is leaving the planet. The public suicide note reads suspiciously, as it appears there are two different handwritings. Handwriting experts say that it is inconclusive if Kurt wrote the entire note. If you look at the bottom of the note below, you'll see the section in question. 

Moreover, Cobain was injected with three times the lethal dose of heroin. Tom Grant wonders, IF Cobain injected three times the lethal dose of heroin, COULD he then pick up a shotgun and shoot himself? He also notes most heroin addicts agree: they wouldn't kill themselves while they were riding a high. It would be too euphoric.

As Tom Grant writes on his website:

"THE FACT IS... The police and the Medical Examiner have no forensic evidence that proves Cobain's death was a suicide. On the other hand, there's a substantial amount of evidence for murder." 

Almost immediately after Kurt's death, Tom spoke with Courtney's entertainment lawyer, Rosemary Carroll, who indicated that she was suspicious about Courtney's involvement in Kurt's death. "He wasn't suicidal, Tom. Kurt wasn't suicidal!" Rosemary blurted with a deep sigh to Tom. Rosemary was also disturbed that Courtney wouldn't let her or anyone else see the so-called "suicide note." Tom mentioned to Rosemary that Courtney couldn't come to Seattle to find her husband because she "had business in LA."

"She didn't have any business in LA!" Rosemary snapped. On April 15th Tom met with the police, one week after Cobain's body was found. He brought up his numerous concerns:

"Numerous inconsistencies and contradictions in logic...

The missing credit card and continued activity on the card after Kurt's death...

The fact that Courtney specifically told Dylan (Kurt's best friend) to check the greenhouse where Kurt's body was found and yet he didn't even tell Tom about the greenhouse when they visited the Cobain home the night before Kurt was found...

Doubts about Kurt's handwriting on the so-called "suicide note," especially the bottom portion...

The electrician's statement (person who found the body) about Kurt's hair appearing to have been combed...

Courtney's motives for possible involvement in Cobain's death?...

She'd get more money from a suicide than from a divorce. With a suicide, Courtney would inherit and control the entire Cobain and Nirvana estate. If Kurt divorced her, she'd have to settle for half, at best, of Kurt's assets...

Kurt's record sales would increase, leaving Courtney with even more income...

And finally, based on what I'd learned about her personality, Kurt's death and the publicity it generated would help Courtney launch her own career."

Tom continued his investigation. He studied media material and found lots of planted stories and misinformation. As Tom writes, "One story had Courtney grieving at home, while she was actually calling me from Canyon Ranch in Arizona and bragging to me that she was sleeping with Billy Corgan. This was only three weeks after Kurt died!" Tom eventually sent Courtney a letter indicating his suspicions about Kurt's death.

"Dear Courtney,

I'm sure you know by now that my investigation has been somewhat more active than you might have been aware of. The purpose of this letter is to clarify my position regarding our working relationship.

You may recall our trip to Carnation on Thursday, April 14th. I mentioned during the drive that I was beginning to turn over some "rocks" that I wasn't sure you'd want turned over. I asked you if you wanted me to continue digging. Kat, who was in the back seat, said, "Oh yeah, she wants to know everything." You responded, "Yeah Tom, do what ever it takes. I want to know everything that happened." Your instructions were clear, so in the days and weeks that followed, I proceeded to "do whatever it takes."

As the investigation continued, my attempts to get at the truth often seemed to be deliberately hindered. While reading some of the articles being written in newspapers and magazines, I discovered the information being released to the press was inaccurate and often cleverly misleading.

I consider the circumstances surrounding your husband's death to be highly suspicious. My investigation has exposed a number of inconsistencies in the facts of this case as well as many contradictions in sound logic and common sense. I'm required to report findings such as these to the police, so on Friday, April 15th, I spoke with Sgt. Cameron about some of what I've learned so far.

As I've experienced in past cases, police detectives don't often welcome the work of outside investigators. I've learned it's somewhat idealistic and naive to think the truth might be more important than professional pride.

I've decided to continue working on this case until I see it to its conclusion, without additional charge. Attached you will find an invoice which accounts for the charges billed for our services, including time and expenses. As you can see, prior to my return to Seattle on April 13th, these charges exceeded the retainer amount. However, please consider your bill paid in full. There will be no further charges.

As I pursue the truth regarding the events surrounding your husband's death, your cooperation and assistance will be appreciated, but not required.


Tom Grant


From there it only gets more interesting. Courtney kept Tom Grant on her payroll, giving her meaningless assignments for him to pursue. As soon as he finished one, she'd give him another. The live-in nanny, Michael DeWitt, whom Tom implicates in Kurt's death, has never been available for an interview, even though both Michael and Tom live in LA. Tom has tried to interview Michael, the only person at the Cobain home around the time of Kurt's death, to no avail. Moreover, Michael received $30,000 from Courtney in the weeks after Kurt's death "to go to rehab." Tom couldn't help but wonder if this was the payoff.

The April 1996 edition of High Times featured an article entitled “Who Killed Kurt Cobain?”. In it, the views of a character named “El Duce” are made public. El Duce played in the Los Angeles punk scene. He met Courtney Love in the late 1980s. In the article, El Duce claimed that in December 1993, Courtney Love offered El Duce $50,000 to murder Kurt. The manager of the shop, where the conversation took place, remembers overhearing Courtney ask El Duce, “Can you handle doing this? Can you get this done? What do you want for it?”

In March 1994, according to the manager, Courtney contacted the shop asking for El Duce, who was out on tour at the time. Courtney was furious. "That son of a bitch, we made an agreement. What am I going to do?" The manager went on to say after Kurt was found dead about 10 days later: "I was like Whoa! I wonder if she actually did pay some sucker to blow off his head"? El Duce said: "Maybe she got somebody else. I think Kurt was getting ready to divorce her for adultery charges. She had to have him whacked right away so she could get the money."

Tom Grant was skeptical of El Duce's claims. He said: "Why didn't they come forward sooner? At first I thought maybe Courtney put them up to it to set me up. I could start talking about these guys as proof and then they would come out and say they made the whole story up. I would then be discredited."

On March 6th 1996, however, El Duce underwent and passed a lie detector test administered by Dr. E. Gelb a leading polygraph examiner, who trains the FBI in polygraph. He administered a polygraph test to O.J. Simpson two days after the murder of his wife and said that O.J. failed the test quite badly. According to Dr. Gelb, El Duce's story is completely truthful.

In reply to the question, "Did Courtney Love ask you to kill Kurt Cobain?" Duce's positive response showed a 99.91% certainty that he was being truthful, which falls into the category "beyond possibility of deception". Duce also scores the same when the question was repeated. When asked the question "Were you offered $50,000 by Courtney Love to kill Kurt Cobain?" Duce scored a slightly worse 99.84%.

Following these tests Duce contacted the Seattle Police Departments Homicide division and also the Los Angeles Police Dept. He and the record shop owner have offered to take similar tests for the police, but both departments have declined to investigate. Of course, Tom Grant, the private sector hero in all of this, did investigate. However, about a week after El Duce did an interview with BBC, he was killed by a train in Riverside, LA. The events surrounding his death are murky.

Music journalist and friend of Duce, Al Bowman said: "There is something very, very strange about his death. Anybody who knew El knew that you could make friends with him by offering to buy him a drink. He had a problem with alcohol." When asked if he thought El Duce committed suicide: “No way. He was all excited about his upcoming tour. He was in good spirits. He didn't kill himself. I'm convinced this has something to do with Kurt Cobain."

The fact of the matter is this. There are myriad more details about the death surrounding the US's last great rock star than public police officers would like you to believe. And this means that a psychopathic murderer has been an American celebrity for the last twenty years (surprised? shouldn't be...) Instead, the private investigator hired by Courtney Love ultimately concluded just months after Kurt's death that Courtney and the Cobain's live-in nanny had conspired to murder Kurt Cobain. 

He pledged to continue the investigation and let his doubts be known. Why? Because, as a grandfather, Tom couldn't stand the realities of the nearly more than 60 confirmed "copycat" suicides. He didn't want to do it, he "just had to."In fact, Tom has noted how embarrassed he is that THIS is how he gained notoriety. He wished it was because he was a professional athlete or something else instead. 

The public police officers, on the other hand, have no reason to solve the crime. Their jobs are safe. Apparently they also have no moral motivation to do so either. As Tom notes in an interview, oftentimes after prisoners on death row are acquitted based on DNA evidence, the original police investigators stick by their guns: their conclusion was right. "It's just politics," Tom says.

Why does this matter? Well, it is pretty obvious the police didn't even really investigate this death, and it is quite obvious there are gaping holes in the official narrative of Kurt's "suicide." Tom Grant doesn't argue for a coverup within the Seattle Police Department, though he does note that Courtney Love was friends with the coroner at the time in Seattle. About two weeks ago, leading up to the twentieth anniversary of Kurt's death, the Seattle Police "re-examined" the Kurt Cobain case and ruled there was "no new evidence," which is essentially a lie, since there is new evidence since the case was originally closed, uncovered by the free market. I imagine SPD did this in order to steer the dialogue away from Tom Grant's narrative. The police department says once-a-week they receive a request to re-open the investigation. 

One argument for a large government is so the police can keep us safe, but as this story uncovers, the police fail to do so, allowing possible murderers continue living their lives unhindered. The free market, in this case Tom Grant's PI Firm, has alternatively sought justice, and the investigation continues to this day. Here is an interview with Tom: 

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Justin O'Connell

Terry Gilliam: The Python Who Renounced His Citizenship

Fri, 04/04/2014 - 01:58

[Editor's Note: The following post is by TDV Editor-in-Chief, Jeff Berwick]

Terry Gilliam, one of the "Pythons" of Monty Python fame, renounced his US citizenship in 2006 for one critical reason: "There was the fact that my wife would have had to sell the house to be able to afford to pay the taxes when I died."

This is an issue we write about and discuss regularly here at The Dollar Vigilante. It seems Terry saw the writing on the wall. So-much-so, in fact, he made a movie about what I surmise is basically modern America. (read: Amerika)

Terry's 1984 film Brazil portrays a bizarre 1984-esque world which meshes the dark reality of a society mired in totalitarianism, slowed to a near hault by bureaucracy,  with what's basically slapstick. One of the main events of the film is when the wrong person is killed. "Tuttle" is who the state wants to murder for being a terrorist, but a fly lands on on the oversized behemoth of a state printer and smudges the T to look like a B. And so the wrong person, Buttle, an old man who leaves behind a family, is executed by "shock troops."

These "shock troops" are basically military-police, and they're quite funny. In one scene, one of them takes off his helmet and demonstrates concern for how his eyebrows looks. Terry says he "left that in just because I wanted to give those guys a moment, too, of being human beings, with their own little sets of problems."

They also apologize for being rough to people. In fact, they're very polite when they're bashing in the brains of their victims. They've even got receipts!


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Government agents even go as far as charging suspects for their interrogation, including for the electricity applied to their bodies as a form of torture. Detainees unable to afford the costs of torture could apply for loans, which are advertised at favorable interest rates. The machinery of government-sanctioned torture and data collection become a self-sustaining apparatus, so there is no need for a big brother figure, as in Orwell's dystopia.

The film is very interesting, obviously examining themes of totalitarianism. I highly recommend it for any budding or full-blown libertarian. Anybody "skeptical" of the state, as Terry terms it.

Perhaps in his real life, as in his art, Terry hopes his actions inspire people to think for themselves. That is what he tries to do in his films.

"I hope they [people] come out saying, 'More things are possible.' I think that, if anything, is what I'm trying to do -- not just get my imagination on the screen, but to try to encourage other people to develop their own. And that's one of the problems of having an imagination: trying to communicate it and keep people interested...There's a political element to that -- the idea that another world is possible."

Brazil had a very hard time making it to the big screen,

"Unfortunately with Universal, for a variety of reasons — some to do with internal politics, some to do with the fact that it's a different group of people and that Universal is far closer to the bureaucracy that was portrayed in BRAZIL — they were just stunned by it. And they didn't know quite what to make of it. And even though the script was shot as approved and all of those things, they just weren't sure, because they're very nervous people. They're paid enormous sums of money to be able to predict exactly what the public wants."

So they tried to change the film. As Terry recalls,

"I refused to play ball with them. I said, 'Sorry, this is the film that we agreed to make.' And then it got into this legalistic argument. And the only thing they really had over us was the time clause [2.5 maximum run-time], and that's what they used to try to make us change the essence of the film... I don't think they were expecting me to be as immovable as I was, because they're used to working with people who live in Hollywood, and whose bread and butter is very much dependent upon the whims and friendship of the people at the studios, and I sit here 6000 miles away in London saying, 'Why should I change it if it's the film we agreed to make?' And I don't think they were prepared for that attitude. And on it went... It became like a repeat of the film itself. It was so identical to the story, and the depressing thing about it was that I knew how the film ended!"

Terry went public, because he couldn't take it to court. Universal had the cash. It would have sat in the court system for years. He named names, "which was something they were totally unprepared to deal with. Rather than say Universal was involved, I said, 'it's not Universal, it's one man — his name is Sid Sheinberg. And that really drove them crazy because they didn't know how to deal with that. I think the only thing that kept me sane throughout all that was how funny it was. So terrifying. The film could have just disappeared and all I could do was keep being outrageous publicly and hopefully get a few people on our side to make enough noise to get it out of their clutches."

Ultimately, the film was released...and it's delay caused it to be released in 1984. Very fitting.


Terry was ahead of the crowd.  There is an a growing tide of successful people voting with their hearts and their wallets and leaving the US tax farm.  Unfortunately, there are countless others... from the entrepreneurs and doctors who have saved up a nice nest egg over their lifetime all the way up to the musicians, athletes and super-entrepeneurs who have made 8 or 9 figures.  Most have no idea that they risk losing everything, or most of it, by not internationalizing their assets at the very least.

We've been writing regularly about US taxes here, namely the international implications thereof. In fact, we wrote about some "accidental Americans" recently, and Jim Karger wrote an open letter about them as well,  and I suppose in a way Terry is also an "accidental American." He knew he would owe the US government on all his international income, and for him this would amount to millions of dollars. 

There are ways around this, and also a path to renunciation should you so choose, like Terry did, which we help people towards at TDV Passports and at TDV Wealth Management (TDVWM).  And next month face-to-face at the TDVWM Crisis Conference.  Of the many topics you will learn at the Crisis Conference are how to shelter your assets from the death/estate tax in the US... as Terry Gilliam pointed out as being one of his main reasons for getting out of dodge.

In our TDV Newsletter, we cover topics pertaining to help you understand and position yourself to do as Terry and avoid the Brazil-esque reality we've already seen in the US. In Fact, Terry even threatened to sue George W. Bush and Dick Cheney for remaking his film! 


Jeff Berwick

An Open Letter To Canadians from Jim Karger

Wed, 04/02/2014 - 05:52

[Editor's Note: The following open letter is from TDV legal correspondent, Jim Karger]

Dear Canadians,

Let me get to the bottom line before you get to the bottom of the bottle.

That evil bastard, Berwick, just wrote me and asked me to write on "the downsides of being an 'accidental American.'" Hell, I can write for hours on the downsides of being any kind of American - intentional, negligent, reckless, syphilitic, and brain-dead.

But, no, he wants a screed limited to 'accidental Americans,' which is whiskey-prism talk for Canadians. You know, people like you and Berwick, who suffer from having been flash-frozen out of the womb and then making the rest of us suffer with your hideous disabilities and whining ever since.

But that is a story I will save for later.

What he is talking about, or wants me to talk about, are the Canadians who are about to be given a swirly by the 900-pound gorilla to the south because they had the misfortune of being born to one American parent in Canada, or were born in the US for no good or apparent reason before returning to Canada as children. They are, to their extreme disadvantage, American citizens, whether they know it or not. And, American citizens, voluntary, knowing, or otherwise, are required by the most dangerous criminal enterprise in the world to report and pay taxes on every thin dime they earn their entire miserable lifetimes regardless where in the world they earned them or where they live.

So what? So this:

Canada, being just another water-boy for the behemoth to the south, will turn over all its banking data on "US persons" to the United States Internal Revenue Service starting July 1 this year. Why? Because the gorilla with the bad attitude wants it and even passed a law threatening every nation in the world who doesn't step and fetch it. The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) will impact all these 'accidental' Americans who will begin receiving letters that go something like this:

"It seems you have failed to file your US income tax returns for the last 47 years, not to mention reports on your foreign bank accounts, about which we have total knowledge and access thanks to your pussy government who bent over for us just like they always do. By our calculations, you owe us everything you have ever earned plus penalties and interest, and that much again for not filing FBAR's on your Canadian bank accounts. In short, you are fucked. And, if you don't pay, you will be indicted and we will hunt you down like a rabid animal and cage you until death do us part.

Thanking you in advance for your cooperation,


Or words to that effect.

And, that's not all.

Some of you ice-heads made the hideous mistake of marrying an American and co-mingling not only your bodily fluids, but your money, too. Oops. By doing that, you not only insured the American will go straight to tax hell, but the Canadian with them. Their accounts suddenly become reportable and likewise will be turned over to the Pit Bull on a gunpowder diet and you will be accused of such heinous crimes as failure to file your TD-90 forms on bank accounts (checking and savings), investment accounts, mutual funds, retirement and pension accounts, securities and other brokerage accounts, debit card and prepaid credit card accounts, and even life insurance and annuities having cash value. "The penalties are, more or less, the same as those meted out for first-degree child molestation, including a $10,000 fine per account, per violation, and 5 years in "pound-me-in-the-ass" prison. The 'unintentional' US person will naturally feel slighted at this revelation and divorce their evil American spouse or at least beat him to death with an Elk femur. The defense he had no idea will be about as effective as it will be with the IRS.

And, finally:

There are more than a few Canucks who wander across their southern border on a seal blubber high and stay too long snorting blow in Palm Beach or visiting family in Des Moines. For now, they can stay 6 months without violating US immigration laws and being summarily deported and prevented entry for the rest of this lifetime. There is an effort to have this extended for Canadians over 50 years old, but it is a trick that will capture more of them than ever in the US tax lair.

Here's how:

Under US law, one is considered a US resident for tax purposes if they meet the 'substantial presence' test for "any calendar year which means they are physically present in the United States on at least 31 days during the current year, and 183 days during the 3-year period that includes the current year and the 2 years immediately before that, counting: All the days you were present in the current year, and 1/3 of the days you were present in the first year before the current year, and 1/6 of the days they were present in the second year before the current year."

Whatever the fuck that means.

And what that means is the US will lure Canadians across the border to spend their money on good bourbon whiskey and hookers who don't wear parkas just long enough to send them a letter, "Welcome, US resident! Please file your income tax return on your worldwide income and, by the way, let us know where you have every dime hidden. Or else."

Bottom line? Threats, fines, imprisonment, and serious bodily harm.

And insanity, of course. The greater the coercion in any society, the greater the occurrence of mental illness. It explains why most Americans of the intentional variety are crazier than a shit house rat. Among indigenous cultures, that is those folks who walked barefooted, chewed roots, and more or less enjoyed themselves before we came in a mass-slaughtered them for getting in the way of progress, there was no insanity. They had no need to chew a handful of Prozac to make it through a day because no institutions of higher violence were threatening them.

But when you add modernity's coercions not present in those simple, more or less anarchic, cultures, e.g., school, employment, and governments that take joy in fining and imprisoning their own populations, you end up with a society of blabbering, violent morons, one that is alienating, disengaging and no fun.

You end up in Canada.

After the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act goes into effect, coercion will be exponentially multiplied and Canadians, also known as 'unintentional Americans,' will pay a grim psychological price for their ignorance and many of your northern brethren will suffer until they die by their own hands just to stop the pain or be gnawed apart by some US bureaucrat with a serious grudge to settle because he got beat up by the bigger boys in gym class when he was in junior high school.

That's the answer,

Jim Karger

Join the conversation on Jim Karger's latest rant here >>

Jim Karger is a lawyer, and frequent contributor to The Dollar Vigilante, who has represented American businesses against incursions by government and labor unions for 30 years. In 2001, he left Dallas and moved to San Miguel de Allende in the high desert of central Mexico where he sought and found a freer and simpler life for him and his wife, Kelly, and their 10 dogs. He is TDV's San Miguel de Allende concierge and his website is found at




Jim is an interesting fellow, as you can tell!  It should come as no surprise that his hero is Hunter S. Thompson.  The really interesting thing about Jim is how he often gets drunk and writes things like this article, but at TDV Wealth Management's Crisis Conferences, where he has been a speaker, he is the most serious person in the room.

Dead serious.

Jim left the US years ago as he foresaw what was becoming of the empire and now lives in San Miguel de Allende, where countless TDV readers and subscribers have gone to visit him... and many have stayed.

But I think it is important to re-emphasize what Jim was saying here today.  As it may have gotten lost amongst his tequila-fueled machinations.

There are an enormous amount of Canadians called "snowbirds".  The name is so well known in Canada that the Canadian military version of the Blue Angels are called the Snowbirds.

These are most usually retired folks who, like birds, head south at the sight of the first snowflake.  Many have been doing this for years and often spend more than six months in the US each winter (because the Canadian winter lasts a minimum of six months).

Up until now they have been left mostly unmolested by the US government.  However, now, all kinds of regulations and rules are being put into place that will see many of these people deemed as US residents if they cannot somehow prove otherwise.

That means they will then have to file a US tax return.  It gets very convoluted beyond that... and Jim Karger will be speaking on how to avoid the legal details which will make these snowbirds into accidental Americans at the upcoming Crisis Conference in Cabo.  

But the gist of it is that you should not be surprised to see 60, 70, 80 and 90 year old retired Canadians ending up taken to backrooms at the border, interrogated and even jailed in the coming years as the US and Canadian government have now signed a complete information-sharing agreement.  If their records show that they have spent a significant amount of time in the US and they haven't been filing US taxes it could mean large fines, blacklisting (never to be allowed in the US again) or incarceration. (Make sure you're taking those selfies to prove where you are!)

And the worst thing is that probably not one in a thousand Canadian snowbirds even know what is going on.  For this reason, if you know a Canadian snowbird please pass on this information.

And, don't forget, at the end of the day on Wednesday the "early bird" rate for the Crisis Conference in one month in Cabo, Mexico, expires.  Whether you are an American or just an accidental American you may wish to attend to find out how to extract yourself from the depridations of the US government.

You can find out more information on the Crisis Conference here.

Janet Yellen Is Destined To Be The Best Fed Chairman Of All Time

Tue, 04/01/2014 - 04:10

[Editor's Note: The following post is by TDV Editor-in-Chief, Jeff Berwick]

Janet Yellen has only been Chairman of the Federal Reserve for less than two months and I am already convinced that she is the best thing to happen since Barack O'Bomber was first elected and awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

There are a number of reasons for that.

First, as we can see by her speech yesterday she is going to be a laugh riot.  And, secondly, all of her actions will undoubtedly, indisuptably destroy the dollar... And, of course, we dollar vigilantes have prime seats and are positioned to profit from that inevitability.  We thought Helicopter Ben was a literal gold mine but Janet Yellen will easily surpass him as a great source of mockery and profitability.

Let's talk about the lighter side first before we get into how she will oversee the complete destruction of the US economy and dollar.


On Monday she gave a speech in Chicago that had me spitting up my enchiladas in bursts of laughter so bad I had to ask my maid to clean off my computer monitor!

Her style, though, is a dramatic change from her predecessors.  

Alan Greenspan was so good at using language that was confusing and meaningless, the term "Fed speak" was coined to refer to his vague statements. In his book, "The Age of Turbulence," Greenspan revealed that this method of avoiding the issues directly when a clear message wasn't desired was not unintentional. The confusion was used to prevent unintended jolts to the markets as confusing statements are typically just ignored.  In other words, Greenspan actually admitted to purposely saying unintelligible things and no one found this odd.

Ben Bernanke's style differed in that he did not just make up random sentences like some sort of scrabble game but actually spoke in English but usually avoided any real substance.  Usually murmurring and looking scared he would give short, curt responses to questions without really saying much and avoiding any real commentary.

Janet Yellen, on the other hand, is quite verbose it appears.  The media disliked her first press conference because she actually stated some actual facts and info that the market could actually understand.  So, in her latest public speaking engagement, yesterday in Chicago, she mostly talked about all manner of ridiculous things as I'll point out.

The most notable inanity was that she used the same technique as the President uses at the State of the Union theater.  She actually brought up and went into great detail on the plights of three different real people.  The only thing missing was having some hired mercenary from the barrio missing a limb to point at and request applause.  

She described how Dorine Poole lost her job during the Great Recession, caused by the Federal Reserve, and despite her clerical skills she still cannot find work.   Then she spoke of Vicki Lira who lost her job processing mortgage applications when the Federal Reserve caused the housing bubble and subsequent crash.  And she spoke of Jermaine Brownlee, a construction worker who cannot find work after the housing crash... a situation again caused by the Federal Reserve.

This, I suppose, is the grandma looking new Fed Chairman who cares about people... real people... who have had their lives destroyed by the Federal Reserve.  And she is there to give them another kick while they are down with even more manipulations of the market to destroy more wealth.

She gave this speech at some heinous event called the "National Interagency Community Reinvestment Conference"!  Of course, anything this vague and mentioning the need for "community reinvestment" was in the old stomping grounds of the Chief Community Organizer himself, Barack Obomber.

She started off her speech by stating, "I am here today to talk about what the Federal Reserve is doing to help our nation recover from the financial crisis and the Great Recession, the effects of which were particularly severe for the people and the communities you serve."

Even that should make you guffaw, at least a little, if you have some sort of working cerebellum as the financial crisis and Great Recession was mostly caused by the Federal Reserve.

She went on, "Part of that effort has involved strengthening the financial system. New rules are in place to better protect consumers and ensure that credit is available to help communities grow."

Yes, because what is needed to make a community "grow" is more rules and restraints!

She then went on to say something which actually made no sense whatsoever.  It had my eyes crossing trying to comprehend the meaning of it, "One of the most important things you do is to help people meet the demands of finding a job in what remains a challenging economy. And that help is crucial, but I also believe it can’t succeed without two other things.  The first of these is the courage and determination of the people you serve."

Okay, so the Federal Reserve chairwoman just travelled to Chicago to tell people that the most important thing to help people find some way of supporting themselves (jobs) is......... that those people are courageous and determined!

Wow, thank you Janet for coming to Chicago to tell us that the most important thing to survive all the destruction wrought by the US government and the Federal Reserve is that people have courage and don't give up despite how many roadblocks you throw in front of them!  

So, we are all hanging on the edges of our seats, what is the second thing we need to survive this catastrophe in motion?

"It might seem obvious, but the second thing that is needed to help people find jobs…is jobs," she said.

Yes, those are her two main points she wants to get across to people about how to survive the Great Recession.  Be courageous, determined and don't forget, no matter how obvious it may be, that if people need to find jobs the thing needed is jobs.

I couldn't believe at this point that, just like in Europe recently after Barack Obomber spoke, there wasn't just laughter and no applause whatsoever.  

I actually did a Google search for "Janet Yellen Alzheimers" right after just hoping there was a medical explanation for what she was jabbering on about.

Aside from those two great wisdoms about what is needed and pulling three people out of tens of millions destroyed by Fed policies to parade in front of the media she had a few more nuggets of wisdom.

She stated that the Fed is doing everything within its power to further destroy the economy by obfuscating price signals, counterfeiting money and manipulating the price of interest rates.

And for her encore, she stated what else the Fed was doing to "help".  It included authoring a book called, "What Works for America’s Communities" which cited innovative and effective community development initiatives across the country and advocated for a “Community Quarterback” model to coordinate initiatives and better leverage funding among groups with similar goals.... whatever that means!

The Fed also did research and found that one key to success is “collaborative leadership,” when governments, businesses, and nonprofits unite behind one focused approach.  Yes, that should do the trick.

For her final solution she announced that the Fed has backed a grassroots-oriented program called Economic Avenue. In Northeast Kansas City, Kansas, residents and neighborhood leaders are forming a leadership council that will have responsibility for managing the program, which aims to create and grow local businesses, create jobs, and promote homeownership."

She closed with, "These examples are just a few among many throughout the Federal Reserve System. By testing ideas, developing better measurement tools, convening interested parties, and sharing the Federal Reserve’s skills and knowledge with our partners at the national and local levels, we aim to serve as a catalyst to improve lives."

Ah yes, those books and grass roots oriented programs to try to teach people how to grow businesses are all that is needed!  

Thank goodness for the Fed and Janet Yellen or people would never know how to survive the devastation brought upon them by the Federal Reserve.


In the respect of brevity, this is how one Wall Street analyst, David Zervos of Jeffries, received her latest speech:

"Ok, I just read Janet’s speech in Chicago today. Holy dovish deepdish pizza batman!! I have no recollection of a Fed Chair’s speech where the lives of three down-on-their-luck job seeking individuals were discussed in detail. This is one loving and caring Fed Chair – I must send her a “no haters” hat immediately! If anyone doubts Janet’s commitment to fighting for more job creation – read the tape. If anyone doubts Janet’s belief that there is excessive slack in labor markets – read the tape. And if anyone doubt’s Janet conviction that there are no material inflation risks on the horizon – read the tape. This could be one of the most dovish speeches I have ever read from a Federal Reserve official! Janet has quickly redeemed her poor performance from 12 days ago. On this assignment she gets an A+. Somehow I always knew she would pull through."

And, I can't say I disagree with him on the dovish part.  What Grandma Yellen is saying is that the Federal Reserve, because it cares so much about people, is ready and willing to further destroy the economy from the ravages brought upon it by the Federal Reserve, to help more people by counterfeiting, further price-fixing of interest rates and helping write books and initiatives advocating "community quarterbacks".


As stated above, Janet Yellen is almost like a gift from god here at The Dollar Vigilante.  She will almost certainly give us plenty to laugh about and further destroy the dollar and the US economy to which we are so properly positioned.  Just like Barack Obomber, Janet Yellen will be a boon for all of us positioned in precious metals, bitcoin and hard assets and with most of those assets outside of the US for the end stages of the collapse (subscribe to TDV or come to our upcoming Crisis Conference in Cabo if you are not already in that position).

If you are positioned for what is to come you can laugh along with us as these central planners destroy what is left of the dollar and the US economy as they keep trying to salvage what is left of this dying, communist-style system.

Believe me, hearing what Janet Yellen is saying is a lot funnier and more enoyable when you have your ass and assets far-removed from her ridiculous ideas and control.

Jeff Berwick

Capital Controls and 200% Price Rises in Ukraine - And Ukraine Is In Better Shape Than The US!

Mon, 03/31/2014 - 04:55

[Editor's Note: The following post is by TDV Editor-in-Chief, Jeff Berwick]

In a TV address to a torn nation, Ukraine's PM Yatsenyuk first implied heating prices would rise incrementally, and then later confirmed a plan to increase prices 100% in the next two years (and nearly 200% by 2017) as the cost of imported Russian gas is expected to rise to $500 from the current $84.

Not only did the Ukrainians have the hard rug of the consequences of statism pulled out from underneath them, but the move was followed with tougher capital controls, which restricted cash purchases to $1,300 per person per day after the Central Bank said "amid a tense situation in money markets" it is now broke. (We covered a reported shipment of gold out of Ukraine a couple of weeks ago)

The Ukraine Central Bank implements capital controls:

  • Sets limits on foreign currency purchases.
  • Limits purchasees to 15,000 Hryvnia per person per day ($1,300).
  • Ukraine central bank limit purchases to 150,000 Hryvnia per person per month ($13,000).

Oh yeah and they're broke...

In a joint European Union/United States statement the two powers said Ukraine "requires consolidation of all reform efforts." The austerity measures came the day before it was announced Ukraine had "won" a $27 billion international financial credit line. From Reuters:

"The International Monetary Fund announced a $14-18 billion standby credit for Kiev in return for tough economic reforms that will unlock further aid from the European Union, the United States and other lenders over two years, effectively pulling Kiev closer to Europe."

Russian gas prices to Ukraine are expected to increase as Russia has grown less-interested in providing the once Russian-facing Ukraine with gas subsidies. The IMF stated one of its first goals would be "cleaning up Ukraine's opaque energy giant Naftogaz, which imports gas from Russia's Gazprom." Naftogaz's chief executive was arrested last week in US a corruption probe.


Many in the US may think that tremendously rising prices and overt capital controls cannot happen there.  Let's compare Ukraine's total debt to GDP... a country considered to be bankrupt... with the US.

That's right.  The US has more than double the debt to GDP than the Ukraine.

How is it that there aren't riots in the streets and a government in the US on the verge of a collapse?  Mostly media and institutionalized brainwashing has so far limited the riots.  As for a collapse of the US government?  The only thing keeping its entire evil empire functioning is a still widely accepted US dollar.

And that is all changing dramatically now too.  Russia and China have made very vocal statements about their desire to stop using the US dollar.  Of course, many oil producing countries such as Iraq and Libya wanted to also move off the petro dollar.  We all know what happened there.  And, the prince of peace, Barack O'Bomber is currently in Saudi Arabia likely making threats and bribes to ensure they stay onside with the dollar.

In any case, the end of this gargantuan US government and the US dollar are nigh.  With a debt of over $17 trillion all it would take is for interest rates to rise to 10% and almost every penny of extorted money (taxes) that the US government collects would go to interest payments on the debt alone.

During the last similar time in history this happened, the 1970s, interest rates were allowed to actually go to their market levels and topped out at 18%.  

That is why Ben Bernanke and Janet Yellen must manipulate interest rates as low as possible for as long as possible.  There is a massive amount of debt in the US now and even an interest rate of 5% would likely implode the entire financial system and the government itself.

Keeping rates near 0% and printing money via Quantitative Easing in order to fund the government will eventually lead to hyperinflation.


All of the actions pertaining to the Ukraine today are all symptomatic of the end stages of TEOTMSAWKI.

The West has implemented numerous sanctions on Russia. Visa and MasterCard stopped providing services for payment transactions for clients at Bank Rossiya, due to US sanctions, and Putin said Thursday that Russia would develop its own credit card system.

It is all just re-arranging the chairs on the deck of the Titanic, however, as far as the US government and the US dollar is concerned.  The US government is in much worse shape than the Ukraine, fiscally, and as the rest of the world begins to move away from the dollar it will be game over for the current financial and monetary system in the US.

Many Ukrainians with assets are probably wishing now that they had moved some assets into bitcoin (we will have the most complete report on bitcoin to date available in the coming weeks), had purchased some precious metals and had them outside of their home country (see Getting Your Gold Out Of Dodge) and a foreign bank account in a much less indebted and taxed region (as you can get from TDV Offshore).

Americans still have an opportunity to do all those things but the doors are closing rapidly.  FATCA, coming into effect on July 1, 2014 will be the first major door to close.  For that reason, if you still have a sizeable amount of assets inside the US, or any Western country, you should consider attending the Crisis Conference in Cabo one month from today to find out how not to get Cyprused... or, now, Ukrained.


Jeff Berwick

TDV Week in Review: March 30th, 2014

Sun, 03/30/2014 - 12:43

As if Americans weren't busy enough hurrying to put in order the endless forms and fees they will have to pay this tax season, the IRS made the succesful bitcoiners busier than they heretofore already were.

In time for the April 15 tax deadline, the IRS issued guidance on bitcoin at the end of March. Bitcoin is considered property, by the IRS, not a currency. But that's not the whole story. FinCen's guidelines still stand. If you're going to buy-and-sell bitcoins, you're a money transmitter. There are guidelines you have to follow from them, too.

It is no mystery that the US government is regulating bitcoin in every way imaginable. Banning it would be a cruel outmoded way of putting a "chilling" effect over any market. These days it is much more effective to profit from and social engineer a counter-culture market.

While you will be responsible for capital gains (no surprise), you won't be able to recoup unlmited loss treatment. Instead its capital-loss treatment is limited to $3,000 per year.

As is no surprise, merchants and users of bitcoin will have to compare the market price on the date bitcoin is used to make a purchase vs. the market price on the date you acquired that bitcoin, which equals the difference is a capital gain or loss on property.

If you use bitcoin, as was clear from the start, you would be entering into an unknown territory, devoid of regulation, sure, but this does not absolve one of their taxpayer status. Think about marijuana stocks, for instance. A booming, lightly regulated industry (which we cover in the TDV Newsletter, specifically HomeGrown), yet one that has several questions marks over it. For instance, if marijuana is illegal federally, could investing in such companies become a crime?

As Jim Karger has been hounding Jeff Berwick and I about, bitcoin is not going to free the world. It will become a part of the greater historical narrative. While it is a great evolution towards freedom, eventually the minds of the people will have to be freed before a path towards peace is pursued. Until then, bitcoin (or at least bitcoiners) will be at the mercy of government.

But, that is not to say that bitcoin is no boulder along the path towards peace. 

There is no doubt that bitcoin appeals to the broad base of people who consider themselves anti-mainstream (even though so many of these people have had their ideas formed by the mainstream so, that they have practically been "activated" by the dominant culture to unwittingly promote it).

For me personally, as an individual active in the bitcoin space, the words from up-on-high and have done little to alleviate my concerns. I operate within full purview of the law, but the problem is, the entire law is not in full view. Whenever FinCen or the IRS comes up with a new model for bitcoin regulation, it is retroactive. This endangers entrepreneurs not only in bitcoin and marijuana, but all over the spectrum. 

That's why Jeff Berwick and I have written our bitcoin report, which will be released in April. In it, you'll be prime on bitcoin for home and business. Thinking about accepting bitcoin in your business? This report will give you the tools you need to start down that path. What's more, if you already subscribe to the TDV Newsletter, you'll receive this report, and others, free.  We go into deep details about US and world regulation of bitcoin as it currently stands.


Justin O'Connell, Head Researcher

Before we get to the review, you should really look into this:


“Dear Vigilantes,

It has never been more important to take control of your own financial affairs than it is today.  At The Dollar Vigilante we are deluged daily with news of governments worldwide cracking down on their tax slaves…”

Learn more here, and we’ll se you in Cabo. Early bird registration to save $500 on the Crisis Conference registration fee ends on Wednesday. Take advantage of this offer here.

Also, a quick reminder that if you’re interested in receiving articles beyond what you read here everyday, consider our weekly subscriber-only publications, like our Issue, Dispatches, and Homegrown. You may subscribe here.

On to the review…

Monday March 24


Jeff Berwick on governments stealing your money.

“It seems the US has created a new model for the world of draconian taxes and penalties. New powers at HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) in Britain allow the body to "raid the bank accounts" of anyone who owes more than £1,000 in tax or tax credits. Under the new system, HMRC would have the power to seize money from bank accounts after they contacted the debtor several times.

The tax authority will not be able to empty these individuals' accounts, as they will have to leave a minimum of £5,000 in the account.”

continue reading…

Tuesday March 25


Berwick with more on foreign holdings.

“Decades ago holding a US passport was a ticket to worldwide opportunity.  Today it is nearly the opposite. First it started with the erosion of the US's reputation as a bastion of freedom. Then, legislation-after-legislation made it nearly impossible to do business with US persons as the nation became increasingly paranoid and fixated with raising funds.

Faced with draconian penalties on foreign banks who accept US citizens countless banks worldwide are deciding it is easier and safer to just turn away all US customer business.  Not to mention much cheaper.”

continue reading…

Wednesday March 26


Jeff Berwick with some invaluable advice.

“Throughout the years we've covered the dwindling options Americans (in particular) have to protect their savings amidst the insanity of overbearing and destructive regulation, busybody "authorities" (remember when they were 'public servants'?) and poor economic policy. As I've gone back through the blog over the years, I am pleased to see many themes that are more relevant today than they were then. For one, since 2010 we've been writing about how the US would make it exceedingly difficult to bank (or live) offshore. With less than 100 days until FATCA is implemented, I've been right. 

But, one of the most prescient and valid solutions we've offered is to buy gold. Those who purchased precious metals from 2009-2011, as we recommended to do, did well. Those who also took the advice of Ed Bugos, in our paid newsletter, did well during the turbulent consolidation period precious metals have seen since 2011. ”

continue reading…

Thursday March 27


More from Jeff Berwick on the evil of FATCA.

“Accidental Americans are particularly flustered by the new American tax regime, FATCA, which comes into effect in less than 100 days. It seems every couple of years the IRS has to change the tax code for Americans abroad. Goes to show how incompetent and disorganized government agencies are, and also why they must depend on violence. This new regime entails a worldwide push to get every last penny out of Americans abroad, as well as everyone holding dual citizenship...even if they don't know about it!”

continue reading…

Friday March 28


In this week’s feedback: Passports, gold, Cabo, and more…

continue reading…


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The Weekend Vigilante March 29, 2014

Sat, 03/29/2014 - 05:18

Happy Oil Expropriation Day from Anarchapulco,

Actually, I am partially kidding.  The Oil Expropriation Day holiday was last weekend.  But it is nearly impossible to keep track of all the holidays as there is virtually one every week in Fiestaland.  Plus, holidays elsewhere that are four days long (like Easter) are two weeks in Mexico... or Christmas, which is generally about a week off for most people from Christmas Eve until after New Year's Day is an entire month here.

I was actually sitting at my local hangout, Mangos, last weekend with a number of TDvers who either had moved here or were visiting and we were quite confused.  The entire city was jam packed from Friday straight through until Tuesday and we were unsure of why.

I had my trusty Samsung Galaxy S4 on Telcel's excellent 4G service so I plugged in "Mexican holidays" to find out what the occassion was.  It was still a month until Easter and while they do take two full weeks off I would have been mildly surprised if they actually turned it into a month like Christmas.

The first holiday that I spotted for that weekend was "Oil Expropriation Day".  I sat stunned looking at it before telling my comprades that, "This is all to celebrate a prior theft of assets from private enterprise!"

My free market friends also sat with blank stares.

"That can't be right, can it?" I asked, to shrugs.

I then asked the bar manager, "What holiday weekend is this?"

She responded, "It's Benito Juarez' birthday."

I again asked Google, he always knows... Who is Benito Juarez.  Turns out he was President of Mexico in the mid 1800s.  Apparently he is best known for resisting a French occupation of Mexico.

My mind wandered, what the heck were the French doing in Mexico in the 1800s?  But then I remembered what started all this conversation... Mexico actually has a holiday to celebrate stealing assets from foreign companies?

"I thought it was Oil Expropriation Day too?" I asked the manager.

"What?  What's that?" she said.

Phew.  OK, so the government does have a holiday for oil expropriation day but no one has even heard of it... thank goodness.  

The funny part of it is that late last year the Mexican government turned over and is privatizing the 75 year long nationalization of the oil industry.  Now that might be worthy of a holiday!

Also, funnily enough, is that the USSA, the once more free-ish place on Earth, is going in the opposite direction and nationalizing things left and right... not least of which is O'Bombercare.

The amount of misinformation and misunderstanding about what is really going on in a place like Mexico is astounding.  If polled, it is almost for certain, that your average American thinks Mexico is very poor and that Mexicans are dying to get into the USSA.

That not only is false but is actually the opposite of the truth.  Things change, baby, and Mexico is now in many ways much more free market and prosperous than the US... or, at least, certainly going in opposite directions.

This infographic explains it well:


I certainly can speak to the truth of that from on the ground.

In fact, at TDV Passports, we are flooded with refugees from the USSA who want to get Mexican citizenship.  In fact, it isn't even just Americans.  Countless Kanadians are also streaming in as it is about to get MUCH more difficult to be a Kanadian snowbird and live in the USSA for more than 4-6 months per year without being fined, blacklisted or taxed.  (We will have much more on that next week in the TDV blog)

And it isn't just Americans and Canadians streaming into Mexico.  We have been helping people worldwide who all want to attain Mexican citizenship. Clients in the last week include people and families from Vietnam, China, Hong Kong, Egypt, Iran, U.A.E., Syria and countless others.

By far the largest segment are the new rich... the Chinese.  We have no less than 50 clients who have approached us in the last two months from China and want to move forward on a foreign citizenship.  And they have the money to do it!  It's a massive paradigm shift... but due to the Chinese government's capital controls those with wealth in China are looking to get their money out.

Not many know this (and that's why you should subscribe to TDV to get real on the ground info) but costs in China have increased tremendously as the economy has been booming and the central bank has been counterfeiting money at egregious levels.  Much of the business that went to China in the last decade is now flowing into lower cost Mexico.

You can see the results in the Mexican stock exchange.

It has risen from nearly 5,000 in 2004 to 40,000 today.  But, I'll bet, you never hear about that on CNBC!

Mexico is growing tremendously.  Many people talk about the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China) but you can forget about India.  It is a disaster in the making as we have covered many times at TDV.  While not as snappy of a name, it should be more like BMCCC.  Brazil, Mexico, China, Chile and Cambodia... if you want to talk about areas with the most potential for growth.

Analysis firms have been placing Mexico above Brazil in their credit ratings. Moody’s elevated Mexico’s score on Thursday from Baa1 to A3, making it the second country in the region to reach A status – just after Chile. Brazil, on the other hand, has had a Baa2 rating for the last few years – and Moody’s has already warned that it might cut its rating further if the economy disappoints in the first half of 2014.  And, of course, the US credit rating has also been heading in the other direction.

For this reason, TDV Wealth Management's next Crisis Conference will be held in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

And, I am in the planning process of the first Libertarian/Anarchist conference in Mexico to be held right here in Anarchapulco, likely this coming January.

I go (or used to go... I am limiting my travel to the US as it is becoming too dangerous and unenjoyable) to a lot of freedom related conferences in the USSA but, as I have often pointed out, you might as well hold them in North Korea... the idea of freedom is such a foreign concept in the US now to many.  

Many who attend from the USSA, I am predicting, won't even return from the conference once they realize how much freer they can live in a place like Acapulco.


I will be here for another week and a half before I have to head off to the Great White North... a place replete with massive extortion rackets (taxes and fines) and besieged by an epidemic of kidnappings (police).. but there is a ton of amazing bitcoin stuff happening up there so I will risk it.

Check out this video to find out more about Canada's largest bitcoin conference that I'll be attending.

Click here or on thumbnail


And with that, it is 1am on Saturday evening so some of the bars and discos should be just getting started and so I will leave you at that.

Peace, love and anarchy.


Jeff Berwick

Feedback Friday - March 28, 2014

Thu, 03/27/2014 - 15:03

Russia banned 13 Canadian diplomats/politicians from entering the country earlier this week. And when it gets to the point in your dictatorship that you're banning Canadians, you've really taken your oligarchy too far.

Want to join in the discourse? Send your questions, comments, queries, and concerns to, comment on a post, or get on the forums.

On to the feedback…


Dear TDV,

I can see the writing on the wall, and I'd like to prepare for the worst. But, I'm an American who is living paycheck to paycheck. Although, I'm financially bankrupt, my mind and my spirit are not.

How does one get citizenship in another country without actually going and living there?


Jeff’s Response:

Hello Brent, thanks for writing in! I am glad to hear you are still cognitively and spiritually alive. First things first, is it time for a career change? Is it time for you to become an entrepreneur? It very well could be. In the age of the internet, the world is literally at our fingertips. I know a lot of people who went from working paycheck-to-paycheck to living sustainably off of internet income simply because they started a business or some cases even a blog. Do you have a passion? Do you have any particular talents? Use these to propel yourself into a new situation with a bit of extra cash, if you so desire. You can even move somewhere like Mexico, where it is much cheaper to live, so that you don't have to struggle so much.

The truth is, most Americans are living paycheck-to-paycheck. They don't understand why their lives are so burdened. In reality, they are some of the most enslaved people on the planet. This is why it is so hard to keep up in the USSA. We actually provide "freedom financing" at TDV Passports so that people like you can get passports, but perhaps you're not quite there yet. Ever thought about living the Permanent Traveler lifestyle? In our newsletter, we go over the stepping stones to living free and unburdened, as well as numerous ways to make money (even if you don't have much as it is, especially in our once-monthly Homegrown). 

Everyone's situation is different, so I can't exactly comment on yours with the information given, but feel free to contact the people at TDV Passports to see if there is a solution for you down that road. If not, learn how to make money off the internet (including bitcoin) and become a world traveler. 



Dear TDV,

So.... what happens when the government demands people to cash in their gold for a fraction of what they paid for it? It has happened in the past.


Jeff’s Response:

Hello Tina, thanks for your question! This is why our main mission at The Dollar Vigilante is to encourage Americans to leave the homeland. It is a overbearing police state where people go to jail everyday for punitive crimes like not paying a dog license (that person is lucky they didn't shoot the dog). I don't foresee an executive order to turn in all gold in the US in the future (it wouldn't do much to pay down the debt or compete with China's stockpiling). In our report "Get Your Gold Out Of Dodge", and at our TDV Wealth Management Conference, in Cabo,  we go over the ways of protecting your wealth,  gold and otherwise. 

We encourage a permanent traveler lifestyle. This means one thing more-or-less: traveling the world. Of course, as an American, you will still be liable for taxes on worldwide income, but there can be no doubt those US citizens living abroad are much freer (in most cases) than those living domestically. 



Hey Jeff,

I don't fit into your criteria for attending the Crisis Conference in Cabo (income less than 200K, assets nowhere ner 1M) but I'm still interested. Would there be any point in me attending? I hope to one day fit into the above criteria.

Paul H.

Jeff’s Response:

Hello Paul, thanks for writing in. It is difficult for me to answer that question with so little information, but generally speaking this is definitely a conference geared towards people with disposable income and savings. Otherwise it might not make sense for you to attend. The cost to attend the event is $6,495 with a $500 early bird discount available until April 2nd, so that is quite a sizeable chunk of cash for some people. By all means, if you are unsure if the conference meets your needs feel free to email or call us for a free consultation on your affairs.  You can email us at or call +1-646-568-5518 Ext. 516. Have you subscribed to the TDV Newsletter? That might be a much cheaper and more sensible place to start. We do go over a lot of the strategies there, but to really get started on a proper multi-generational savings plan, attending the conference is important.

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