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The Silver Shield Xchange

Thu, 01/01/2015 - 13:56

We have consolidated all of our efforts into one site, the

There you will find the latest information about the Silver Shield Collection, the best dedicated silver auction site and the new FREE Silver Shield Xchange podcast.

Please stop by and sign up for our free podcast with the latest information.

Out With The Old… In With The New.

Fri, 12/26/2014 - 10:39

Traditionally the week between Christmas and New Year’s is pretty slow, so I figured I will shake it up a bit. 

First, there are only 120 left of the 2014 5oz BU Sic Semper Tyrannis left of the two hundred minted.  This is the final of the exclusive three part 5 oz BU Strikes that included the Don’t tread On Me Snake and Warbird.  It will come in a special collectors case, air tite and unique green certificate of authenticity.

Second, I am offering over 200+ Proof Silver Shield Coins on starting at $1 with no reserve.

Here are some examples…

THANKS SSG ONLY 2012 Slave Queen Proof 0 $1.00 06d 12h 06m THANKS SSG ONLY Spreading Debt and Death Bankster 0 $1.00 06d 12h 06m THANKS SSG ONLY End Of The Line PROOF Bankster 0 $1.00 06d 12h 06m THANKS SSG ONLY End Of The Line FIRST STRIKE BU Bankster 0 $1.00 06d 12h 06m THANKS SSG ONLY Too Big To Fail Bankster 0 $1.00 06d 12h 06m THANKS SSG ONLY 2013 NEW Year’s Double Reverse Proof 0 $1.00 06d 12h 02m 2013 SBSS Warbird Proof COA 0 $1.00 06d 11h 55m 2013 Cannabis Proof 0 $1.00 06d 11h 49m 2013 SBSS Warbird Proof COA 0 $1.00 06d 11h 51m 2013 Argyraspides 1 oz Proof 0 $1.00 06d 11h 44m SSG Only! Special Edition BU Warbird/ Proof Reverse 0 $30.00
06d 11h 29m

Finally, I have decided to release the new 2015 Silver Shield Collection a week earlier.  This will allow the dealers to order 2014 or 2015 Silver Shield product for 1 week over lap.  This will include 4 of the best selling designs from the BU series 2015 Freedom Girl,  2015 Cannabis, 2015 Don’t Tread On Me and a new 2015 Trivium with “Listen To All, Follow None.”

The first new release for the 2015  Silver Shield Collection is Non Vi Virtute Vici This is a beautiful representation of the ideal of “Not by violence but by excellence I have conquered.”  She is the first of many new, beautiful and paradigm challenging designs scheduled for release in 2015.

Please check the Silver Shield Authorized dealers for the best selection and prices and in some cases, free shipping.

The Power Has Always Been With Us

Fri, 12/26/2014 - 09:58

Who Is Going To Be In Your Bunker?!

Fri, 12/26/2014 - 09:57

Reluctant Preppers Year End Interview

Wed, 12/17/2014 - 18:28
Modern Slavery to Debt is by Design Part 1/3

More Important Than Prepping Part 2/3

Elevate Your Thinking to Change Your Future Part 3/3

Christmas Silver Sale

Sat, 12/13/2014 - 16:32

I have two quick silver sales to wrap up the year.

I have a  Proof Christmas 4 pack which includes…

  • 1- 1 oz Proof 2013 Peace On Earth
  • 1- 1 oz Proof 2013 Consumerism
  • 1- 1 oz Proof 2013 Christmas Special Edition Double Obverse POE/Consumerism
  • 1- 1 oz Proof 2014 New Year’s Special Edition Double Reverse 2013/2014

The other is the few remaining few 2014 Silver Shield 5 oz BU Warbird.

We only made 300 of this strike and it will never be made again.

I feel these are excellent values for collectors of the series and possibly great gifts for Christmas.

Any order received by the 15th is guaranteed for domestic Christmas shipping.

I am very excited to wrap this year up and start with a whole new slate of exciting Silver Shield strikes.

This includes our first entry in a new Silver Shield Lunar Series with Year of the Sheep and a beautiful 10 ounce bar featuring Jesus Clears The Temple.

The FINAL Member’s Only Silver Shield Report

Tue, 12/09/2014 - 15:53

This is the final Silver Shield Group Member’s Only Silver Shield Report.

The December Silver Shield Report for members is here.

0:00 *2015 Silver Shield Preview including Year of the Sheep, Non Vi Virtute Vici, Collectivism Kills, Jesus Clears the Temple 10 bar, Pyramid of Control.
11:00 *eBay SBSS
13:00 *Free Silver Shield Report and moving forward
23:00 *Election Coverage
30:00 *Immigration
37:00 *Obamacare
41:00 *Ferguson Riots
44:00 *Alan Greenspan
51:00 *Swiss Gold Referendum
55:00 *The Bottom in Silver
1:13:00 *China and the NWO
1:28:00 *$18 Trillion Debt

After 3 years and over 200+ Silver Shield Reports, I am ending the paid subscription.  There is simply too much going on right now and between this Silver Shield Report, YouTube, Silver Shield Xchange, Silver Shield Collection and writing a novel besides my young family so something has to give.  Whenever times need to change, abundance is always the way forward. 

Starting in January, I will be doing the Silver Shield Report as a free weekly podcast to all subscribers of our email list.   I am very excited for this new direction.  I know at some point the YouTube channel is going to get shut down so I really don’t want to put any more effort into that.  So I have recruited Ryan Brooks that has a successful show on Republic Broadcasting to put together a weekly program for us.  I hope to cover all of the issues with Ryan from my unique perspective as well as get to know so many other people I admire in this community.

To get the Silver Shield Report Podcast starting in January, sign up for our newsletter here at The Greatest Truth Never Told.

The Silver Shield Group will continue with our Silver Shield Group Member’s only coins.  I love the availability to make limited or unique strikes that would not really find a large audience.  By creating new unique strikes at very limited quantities creates an exciting way to collect silver.  This month we have a new 5 oz Proof Sic Semper Tyrannis, a new Proof Trivium with “Listen to All, Follow None” and a 2014 Proof Argyraspides.  All with unique Certificates of Authenticity.


Next year the SSG will have a new “Bankster-like” 12 part series called the Pyramid of Control.  Every month a new reverse proof design will be released in the series.  We are also working on getting member’s discounts for all of our public released coins.  As always, we have free international shipping.  This is a must for anyone who is passionate about the Silver Shield series.  To join the Silver Shield Group click here.


Post Paradigm Book- No Delight In Fools

Tue, 12/09/2014 - 15:08
 I am please to announce this new post paradigm book called No Delight In Fools by Damian Bouch. I think it is a first of it’s kind and deals with the bargaining phase of the awakening and themes like “Listen to all and follow none.” I wrote the forward to this book and currently working on my own novel with this young and talented author.  Please help support this kind of literature. Available on

eBay Silver Bullet Silver Shield Trademark Violation

Tue, 12/09/2014 - 15:01

As many of you know, I first wrote the Silver Bullet and the Silver Shield on this very blog, almost four years ago in 2011.  It proposed a two fold thesis that stacking silver as a way of to attack the fraudulent debt and death paradigm and to also protect your family  from it’s inevitable demise.  That original article was read close to 500,000 times and translated into 7 languages.

I then took the message to YouTube and created hundreds of Silver Bullet Silver Shield videos that have been seen over 2 million times.  It was through that hard work and popularity that I was then contacted by a mint to write Congressional testimony for them and to mint my very own Silver Bullet Silver Shield brand of coins.

The initial success was astounding. I sought to create historically significant messages that ran counter to the main stream national mints that only offered propaganda, leaves and fuzzy animals.  The entire project quickly fell apart after many quality, production delays and the revelation that much of the money given to the mint had been used in a Ponzi Scheme were new investors paid prior claims.  This resulted in the $3.5 Million Bankruptcy of that mint.

What followed after that only added insult to injury. After many prominent people in the silver community ran to the mints defense and tried to jump in my place.  All of them failed and the mint collapsed.  

Then the my designs and my Silver Bullet Silver Shield brand was used without my permission. They counterfeited a ridiculous amounts of odd strikes and horrible designs that I never would have done.  While these criminals profited off of this mess, I had to reestablish myself, a new Silver Shield brand and proceed through the very slow legal system.

I finally won my Silver Bullet Silver Shield trademark case this past July after I proved at the highest level, that I am the sole creator of Silver Bullet Silver Shield.  I then warned all major known participants that there was no gray area anymore and that I was the sole owner of the Silver Bullet Silver Shield.  They were warned not to produce or sell these counterfeits, they of course ignored me.

Starting at the beginning of this month, I am enforcing those claims.

I have been very busy working with the VeRO team over at eBay to protect my Silver Bullet Silver Shield trademark from this criminal counterfeiting scheme.  I have successfully de-listed over 500+ counterfeit Silver Bullet Silver Shield product off of eBay.  In general, I did not authorize any 2014 Silver Bullet Silver Shield, or the ridiculous amount of double strikes like Free Reign or You Highness, or jumbo Slave Queen strikes or Freedom Girl paradimes or 1/10 ounce gold Debt and Death and certainly not any of the  truly awful Arise coins.  Any of those will get struck from eBay as the community.  I hope people will help to make sure this kind of action and people do not belong in the honest money community.

This is just a first step to end this criminal, counterfeiting scheme.  I believe this is a very important eBay action to stop the flow of money into this racket and also help the legitimate sellers of my brands.  Please note, I am also working with those that did not know they were selling counterfeits, too make sure the innocent do not get their accounts suspended.  I would say that a grand majority simply did not know what was going on. But even the ones that knew full well what they were doing, I have offered my assistance to turn a negative to a positive.  I do not wish to spread anymore pain, but I am only looking to stop mine.  If anyone has been unfairly affected by this eBay action please contact the VeRO team at eBay and we will find a solution.  This does not mean that you will be able to continue selling the counterfeit product, but you will be able to get back to doing business.

I have a whole slate of follow up actions and I assure you that all of this nonsense will soon end.  This will come from two major areas, first cutting off people from unconsciously supporting the worst in humanity and secondly from my proactive approach to end this criminal action.  This is the true spirit of Silver Bullet Silver Shield.

I thank you all for your support and if you need further clarification on what is authorized or counterfeit you can refer to the links below.

For a full list of prior Silver Bullet Silver Shield authorized designs at Silver Bullet Silver Shield Collection. For a full list of current Silver Shield authorized designs at Silver Shield Collection. And they are available at our authorized dealers at Silver Shield Authorized Dealers.

If there is any question on any strikes you can contact me at DTOMsola (at)

I want to thank everyone that has believed in and supported my through this ordeal.  I believe once this is fully put to rest, there will be an incredible amount of opportunities and interest, right at a time when silver returns to its former glory.  The drama, historically significant art and monetary collapse will make what we are doing truly special.  At least that is my intention.  Thank you all for you support and understanding.



P.S. Silver is up 21% this month.

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Do your research well.


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