The Gold:Silver Ratio has been mentioned here before. Historically, it has ranged from 15:1 to 20:1 fairly consistently. Not until the last century or so has it consistently stayed outside that range. Many analysts think a return to that range will happen in the future. And so it may.

Here is Keith Weiner's Analysis of that Ratio today. Read more about The Gold:Silver Ratio


Some very astute thinkers have long said that the paper price of gold will remain low, until it doesn't. Meaning that marginal physical supply will dictate how low, and how long the shorting can continue. These same thinkers have also said that the commercial shorts, will switch long and get in-front. This is exactly what happened in the '70s. If we ignore the currency & inflation issues for a moment, today is very similar to the '70s, especially the last few weeks.  Read more about Paper Gold Shorts are Switching Net Long


Real News

Here is the lastest from Global Isles Court of Record (GICOR).

The Pope's visit to America, and recent events in Europe and around the world have invited a re-visit to the work being doneo by Pope Francis, Her Majesty, and the lovely folk at GICOR.

Her Majesty has stipped all Police titles, and all Police are to be disarmed. They are proceeding to re-build a Royal Constabulary that is loyal to the Sovereign, instead of elitist interests. An arrest warrent has been issued for Prince Charles and Baron Rothschild. I wonder why it's not in the news?

  Read more about Real News


The New Forum

As of today, we have a new private forum for members only.

We created it to provide a troll-free environment to discuss content related to this site. The focus will be on the major themes discussed on NT4B. Some general themes will be Economics, Common Law, Secure Communications, Health, and Personal Freedom.

As the focus is on quality and doing it right, there is a strong emphasis on keeping out idiots, lunatics, trolls, and 3rd parties. There will be no character assassinations, and messengers will not be shot. Canceled accounts and bans will be served as punishment.

It'll be a very small and close little forum. If you're interested in joinging, you can register here here: Read more about The New Forum


Bill Holter of Miles Franklin recently started working together with Jim Sinclair of JS Mineset. These two are among the most aware when it comes to understanding the current state of Economics & Geo-Politics.

The other day Bill did a review of Jim's GOTS Checklist. The list from Jim has been around for several years, and speaks to the risks that the West is exposed to. Specifically to the risks that personal wealth is exposed to via the financial system and geopolitics. Bill adds his own explanation and insights of each item on the list. Read more about JS Mineset's GOTS Checklist



By Aves Hawk

No Time 4 Bull is proud to announce that we have become an Affiliate of Singapore's latest up-and-coming bullion dealer, BullionStar! Read more about BullionStar


Why Gold?

The following two links are for those of us still paying too much attention to the 'news' or the short-tem price movements of gold. Neither has much to do with owning gold in light of the current economic and geopolitical risks.

Here's Egon von Greyerz, and why the spot price of gold is irrelevant over the long-tem.

Here's Mike Kosares, with the Gold Owner's Guide to the rest of 2014.

  Read more about Why Gold?



"The most amusing question asked of the Jackass by clients and other people is when the system is going to break down. My usual answer is 2008, which causes a strange reaction, since a past date. Then they are given a tactful tongue lashing that they have failed to notice, detect, or discern properly the failed system in front of their noses."

- Jim Willie the Jackass

  Read more about When?


See the following links for first-hand accounts of the climax and consequences that the total actions of 6 billion people have propelled us to: Read more about Check Mate - Here and Now


It's Gotta Be Close

We've been writing for a while now about cycles and trends, and where we're currently at in relation to time within those cycles. For several years now, there have been a lot of very credible people, financial analysts, former insiders, and gold buyers, that have been pointing at some these trends, and their inevitable end. The trends in question are the exponential explosion of debt & currency since 2008, along with the exponential growth of the international police state, and flow of gold from West to East. The inevitable end, is the finacial and economical collapse of the West, and the Rise of the East. Read more about It's Gotta Be Close



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